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Zero to Hero Guide

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Zero to Hero Updating for COUNTER ATTACK OF THE BLADE

V. 000.2
-Added Ascension
-Added two new crusader builds
-Fixed some things
-Major update in the skeletal system of the guide
-Finished headers, contents.
-Added Hero training places
-Contemplating on adding things
-Added "Potential section"
-Added "Dex Equips section"
-Added more equips to end game
-Added some info about potions and an alternate training location
• Currently in progress: JUMP! Section
-Major changes, added pictures, removed tofu, bam
-More major changes, theres pictures ect. now. I added some other stuff. Adding skill %'s and clarifications. Added many sections. Adding quotes. And QandA later

Press control F to find the section of your choosing. Contents under construction.



III.The hero illusion: Read this before anything else

IV.Why you should make a Hero

V.AP Distribution

VI.How much Str = 1 attack

VII.Hey wait ! Keep this in mind!

VIII.Swordsman(1st Job Advancement)

IX.Fighter(2nd Job Advancement)

X.Crusader(3rd Job Advancement)


XII.Skill speeds and Damage per second

XIII.End game equips

XVI.Fast 4 Versus Fast 5

XVII.Dex Equips

XVIII.Which Potential to look for in a weapon

XIX.Motivational videos

XX.Questions comments concerns and works cited


This guide was made to be a Post-Chaos guide to the warrior branch known as the fighter-- all the way to hero. I made this guide in as a
collection and reminisce to all my pervious adventures and experiences with the warrior class. I Site various sources of information. If there are any mistakes please comment or message me. This guide will help you if you are new to the fighter class.
This is a work in progress.
This is extremely in depth.

The Hero illusion

• Heroes are flashy; this is true, but heroes spam the same moves over... and over again

• Heroes are the strongest class, not true, funding matters (as I repeat this over and over again)

• Heroes train the fastest out of all warriors, not true, heroes are late bloomers and confined to one mob or 3.

• Heroes have no mobility, true and not true, Hero's don't need it: We have rush, and monster magnet. We can manipulate mobs.

• Being a hero gets you into bosses, not true; Getting into bosses is based on connections

Why you should make a hero

Hero's, as well as all other classes are based on opinion in majority. I highly advise you to only play the hero class if it looks promising in areas other than damage. Such as, skills play style, bossing capabilities, etc. This is because, the hero class in general takes an extremely long time to reach max potential, and after Jump patch it will be 173, but that's another story. The hero class gets boring extremely fast if you're just looking for damage. For damage goerers I'd recommend paladin, for they reach max potential faster. For a flashy and balanced class, go with Drk.

And hey. If you didnt want to read that all, here's a table:

[table=commondmgtbl] [th]Pros[/th][td]Warriors have high HP and high suriviblity[/td][td]Heros Work the best with small mobs[/td][td]Warriors can be equipped with soul diver for the fastest leveling [/td][td]heroes are extremely good bossers[/td][td]After JUMP heroes hit damage cap earliest in the game[/td][td]Magic crash is one of the best skills in the game for bossing[/td][td]heroes have rush, Rush is needed for bossing[/td][td]Who needs mobility if you can just rush or magnet them [/td]
[th]Cons[/th][td]Poor mobility[/td][td]No party skills[/td][td]Worst damage early on[/td][td]Heros flower during end game[/td][td]Stuck spamming one skill[/td][td]third job has mostly useless skills to Ultimate adventurers[/td][td]Soul diver is highly scrutinized[/td][td]% and equips barely boost your damage[/td][td]The best DPM is with a one handed and a shield; EXPENSIVE[/td]
[/table] You get the point.

AP Distribution

Before chaos and before big bang accuracy was needed. Not anymore, the recommended build is: Pure STR; Meaning all points into strength. Chaos has given rise to a plethora of equips which give dex: such as, the rising sun set. Various shoulder pads, Evolving rings, ect.
The little amount of equips that do require a dex prerequisite are either not worth it, or can be fulfilled easily.

• It can be noted that dex can be required indefinitely in the future.

How much STR = 1 Attack?

• Stolen from an mewmewmester, Credits to

These are actually outdated, since these were the formulae pre-BB. Post BB:

max damage = [(S * 4 + D) / 100] * M * A
Where M is still a weapon multiplier, but not the same value for each weapon as it was pre-BB. The differences are that str now always adds 4 times as much damage as dex, and dex is affected by the new weapon multipliers.

To simulate the damage of 1 weapon attack it now takes an amount of str equal to (S + D/4)/A for any warrior weapon.

Also, minimum damage is now a fixed percentage of max damage based on your mastery instead of mastery only affecting str and not dex (as was the case pre-BB). However, the effect of mastery wasn't even in formulae you mentioned (the ones you mentioned assumed you only cared about max damage and not min, though now it's no longer relevant due to the change in how mastery works).


s be total str (NOT including %str)
d be total dex (including %dex)
a be total att
n be the existing amount of %str expressed as a decimal (21% str would be 0.21)
x be the required amount of additional %str as a decimal
m be the weapon multiplier
z be the amount of att we're trying to match

(s*4*(1+n+x)+d)*m*a/100 = (s*4*(1+n)+d)*m*(a+z)/100
Divide both sides by m/100
(s*4*(1+n+x)+d)*a = (s*4*(1+n)+d)*(a+z)
Expand (1+n+x) and (a+z)
(s*4*(1+n)+s*4*x+d)*a = (s*4*(1+n)+d)*a+(s*4*(1+n)+d)*z
Expand LHS further
(s*4*(1+n)+d)*a+s*4*x*a = (s*4*(1+n)+d)*a+(s*4*(1+n)+d)*z
Cancel (s*4*(1+n)+d)*a from both sides
s*4*x*a =(s*4*(1+n)+d)*z
Divide both sides by s*4*a
x = (s*4*(1+n)+d)*z/(s*4*a)
Simplify the RHS
x = ((1+n)+d/(s*4))*z/a

While that may look confusing to some people, it should actually make logical sense to those understand what it actually means (for example z/a is the proportion z is of a, which is the same proportion x needs to increase your damage by to match).

If you're comparing equipment that has a combination of att, str, and/or %str on the other hand...

... then you may as well just use a damage calculator -_-

For the above formula it's worth noting that if you have no existing %str then it simplifies to:
x = (1+d/(s*4))*z/a
If you also have little dex, then:
lim (d->0) x = z/a

Technically everything above is totally invalid if any of the following are 0, but that's not actually an issue:
m - m is never 0 for any weapon type
a - if you have 0 att to start with then no amount of str or % str will help anyway
s - 0 str is impossible
Point: This will help you in determining when % STR equips will be valuable over attack, vise versa

Hey wait ! Keep this in mind!

Axes are no different than swords; range is calculated using various weapon multipliers. The reason I tell you to use a one-handed sword in the guide in the 4th job and not in the other jobs is because of the range and speed of which the skills being used work with.

• One-Handed Axe: 1.20

• One-Handed Sword: 1.20

• Two-Handed Axe: 1.34

• Two-Handed Sword: 1.34

Point: Weapon multipliers make sure that one weapon doesn't overpower the next. Post-BB the weapon multipliers changed in favor of one handed swords. We are now 11%~ behind the previous 15% attack power needed in order to beat out a 2h sword in terms of DPM. Which can be easily done.

Wait! Wait! Here's a quick potions guide!


HP: Certain Amount of HP - Amount of HP (Which HP potion to use: How much it heals)
MP: Certain Amount of MP - Amount of MP (Which MP potion to use: How much it heals)

Real Deal: Creds. to @xRen I found that it applys to warriors also.
HP: 300 ~ 1200 (Use White Potions: heals 300 HP)
MP: 300 ~ 1200 (Use Mana Elixirs: heals 300 MP)

HP: 1500 ~ 2500 (Use Unagi: heals 1000 HP)
MP: 1500 ~ 2500 (Use Sorcerers Elixirs: heals Heals 1500 MP)

HP: 2500 ~ 3900 (Use Barbarian Elixirs: heals 1500 of your HP)
MP: 2500 ~ 3900 (Continue using Sorcerers Elixirs)

HP: 4000 ~ 5000 (Use Soda Pop: heals 2000 of your HP or continue using Barbarian Elixirs)
MP: 4000 and 5000 (Continue using Sorcerers Elixirs)

HP: 5000 ~ XXXX (Use Hornsters: heals 60% of your HP)
MP: 5000 ~ XXXX (Use Mana Bulls: heals 60% of your MP)

Tips: Although it classify the amount of hp you have and what pots to use. If you feel like it, use even potions that heals less to save money. The pots I put up there are basically helping players train easier without having to spam Hp/Mp pots and to use meso wisely without spending too much buying the wrong pots. The only time I believe you should use Ginger Ales are for bosses with 1/1 moves and such but that's me.

Try healing only two times, don't heal till you have full HP unless the monster hits very low then just heal once especially when dealing with % pots. However, when using 60%, be sure your computer is not the laggy type cause if you do lag, just heal till you're healed or you'll die. Using 60% is for when you get hit once, so you can use your pots more effectively. If you spam heal when you don't need it, you'll use more meso and waste more training time. Why 60%? They always heal 60% of your hp. If you have 10k HP, you'll heal 6k of your HP.

Swordsman(First job advancement)

The swordsman has got to be one of the fastest leveling adventurers however you're stuck handling monsters from close range without speed. But training spots can make that a lot more effective. Swordsmen only have four skills but they gain one of the highest number of hp's early on. Not much to say about this job as its the same as any other warrior job.

Swordsman(Skill Overview)

Swordsman(First job advancement Skill build Number One: Effective)

(Powerstrike +1)
Level 10:Slash-blast +2
Level 11:Slash-blast +3
Level 12:Slash-blast +3
Level 13:Slash-blast +3
Level 14:Slash-blast +3
Level 15:Slash-blast +3
Level 16:Slash-blast +3 [Skill=Warrior=Power-Strike]
Level 17: Powerstrike +3
Level 18: Powerstrike +3
Level 19: Powerstrike +3
Level 20: Powerstrike +2([Skill=Warrior=Iron-Body]Iron body +1)
Level 21:Iron body +3
Level 22:Iron body+3
Level 23:Iron body+3
Level 24: Powerstrike+3
Level 25: Powerstrike+3
Level 26: Powerstrike+3
Level 27: Powerstrike+1([Skill=Warrior=Improving-Max-HP-Increase]Max Hp Boost +1)
Level 28:Max Hp Boost+3
Level 29:Max Hp Boost+3
Level 30:Max Hp Boost+3

Point: Mobbing is required for the training places I recommend at the bottom, as well as any other place. Powerstrike doesn't need to be maxed ASAP because it deals a fair amount of damage at its level 11. Hp goes by % now so there isn't any rush at all.

Swordsman(Skill Build Number Two: The Efficient )

Level 10:Slash-blast +2 Powerstrike +1
Level 11:Slash-blast +3
Level 12:Slash-blast +3
Level 13:Slash-blast +3
Level 14:Slash-blast +3
Level 15:Slash-blast +3
Level 16:Slash-blast +2 ([Skill=Warrior=Iron-Body]Iron body +1)
Level 17:Iron body +3
Level 18:Iron body +3
Level 19:Iron body +3
Level 20:Iron body +3
Level 21:Iron body +3
Level 22:Iron body+3
Level 23:Iron body+1([Skill=Warrior=Power-Strike]Powerstrike +2)
Level 24: Powerstrike+3
Level 25: Powerstrike+3
Level 26: Powerstrike+3
Level 27[Skill=Warrior=Improving-Max-HP-Increase]Max Hp Boost +1)
Level 28:Max Hp Boost+3
Level 29:Max Hp Boost+3
Level 30:Max Hp Boost+3

This is the groundsmash build and it will serve to help you in the future more than the training build. This is mainly because of iron body and its extra defense.
[B] I'd recommend this build for everyone, regardless of whether or not you're going to max out advanced basics or groundsmash in 2nd job [/B]


• You need not worry about speed due to the training locations listed in the next section. However speed is always a good thing to have. Level 0 common equips like the Big bang ring help a lot because of that. Damage per second or minute doesn't matter because most of the monsters will die in one hit.

• I'd recommend at level 10, buying a two handed sword for level 15 and 20, then using those same weapons until your 3rd job advancement. This is mainly because of slash blast's ability to kill off most monsters in one hit. Armors won't matter because with iron body maxed the suggested training monsters do no damage you at all.

• For your hat, just do the job specific quest(Andras) to get your 12+ stat hat.

• [B]Funding needed: At least 50k[/B]

Swordsman (Training Locations)

Due to the big bang and chaos patch reducing the accuracy formula and serving to extremely increase the hit rate on certain monsters, people are able to train like they used to.

• 1-10; Beginner Quests, or right one map of lith(if you've skipped the intro)

• 10-18; Horny Mushrooms, there are an easy one hit kill if you've followed my skill build, and provide over 800% an hour. Theres relatively no distance between the Golem temple and horny mushrooms, the spawn is decent but it'll only take 30 minutes or less to get to level 18

• 18-30; Golem Temple; I can't stress this enough, this is literally the best place to train at level 30 period. This place was made for warriors who mob because of the high
concentration of monsters.

• 12-30;Rotting skeletons; Really decent spawn, they will give you loads of exp with a fast kill rate, time is sacrificed getting there.

Fighter(2nd Job Advancement)

Fighters are extremely versatile and boring if that. The job levels up slowly during the mid-50's and there are many builds you can try. The fighter job is unique in that it lets your choose your own path. You can either mob with slash blast or destroy the ground with ground smash. It is unique but at the same time, bland as it is a second job that has little to no mobility, and isn't diverse compared to the other classes.

Fighter(Skill Overview)

Fighter(Skill build Number One: Effective training)

Ignore this section, it is under construction.

Level 30: [Skill=Fighter=Weapon-Mastery] +1 Mastery
Level 31: +3 Mastery
Level 32: +3 Mastery
Level 33: +3 Mastery
Level 34: +3 Mastery
Level 35: +3 Mastery
Level 36: +3 Mastery
Level 37: +1 Mastery ([Skill=Fighter=Weapon-Booster]Booster +2)
Level 38: [Skill=Fighter=Final-Attack]+1 Final attack([Skill=Fighter=Ground-Smash]Groundsmash+2)
Level 39: +3 Groundsmash
Level 40: +3 Groundsmash
Level 41: +3 Groundsmash
Level 42: +3 Groundsmash
Level 43: +3 Groundsmash
Level 44: +3 Groundsmash
Level 45: [Skill=Fighter=Power-Guard]PowerGuard +3 • OR MAX RAGE INSTEAD
Level 46: PowerReflect +3
Level 47: PowerReflect +3
Level 48: [Skill=Fighter=Rage]PowerReflect +1 Rage +2
Level 49: Rage +3
Level 50: Rage +3
Level 51: Rage +3
Level 52: Rage +3 •Or If you want, you can add a couple points to booster.
Level 53: Rage +3
Level 54: Rage +3
Level 55: ([Skill=Fighter=Weapon-Booster]Weapon booster +3)
Level 56:Weapon booster +3
Level 57:Weapon booster +3
Level 58:Weapon booster +3
Level 59: Weapon booster +3
Level 60: Weapon booster +3
Level 61: Physical Training +3
Level 62: Physical Training +3
Level 63: Physical Training +3
Level 65: Physical Training +1 Final attack +2
Level 66: Final attack +3
Level 67: Final attack +3
Level 68: Final attack +3
Level 69: Final attack +3
Level 70: Final attack +3

Don't ignore this next section

Max Mastery

+2 Booster +1 Final attack

Max PowerReflect

Max Rage

Max Weapon booster

Max Final attack

Max Physical Training

11 Groundsmash

or you can move GS to the beginning
Point: Mastery helps to stabilize damage. Booster, I recommend 2 since the average spawn rate in Carnival pq is around that time. 1 point into final attacks helps your damage more than that one point into ground smash. Max rage helps you get into parties in Carnival pq. That is unless you are funded extremely max final attack first. Booster points can be added along the way. Powerguard helps you survive, cant live without it.



[B] Fighters 30-59 **

•Anything you can find is okay when you're level 50 and under. Score some coins from Cpq can easily be traded in. Speed pills are found in ludi so you might want to consider it, but it's not necessary at that level.

[B] Fighters 60+ **

• Funding MATTERS in these levels, I'd recommend using a japanese map if you're funded. Other equips don't matter much

• A scrolled lions fang can be good also, level 60 two handed swords are hard to come by. If you can afford a maple weapon USE it.

• Don't buy a zhelm, It serious provides you with ~65 ish added to your range, not worth it. Go for attack over % Str. Consider buying 6+ attack work gloves. There are numerous quests that give 60% glove attack.

• Start to think speed because, well, think of it this way, you're much better off hitting a monsters with low damage 5 times with 140% speed before once with 100% speed.

• Funding needed: At least 30m

Fighter(Optimum Training locations)

This is a highly recommended guide that doesn't contain many alternates.

• 30-50; Cpq = coins, Coins = equips, Cpq is easily 600% an hour

• 38-50; CD's in kerning mall; Good spawn, fast kill.

• 51-60; Explore sleepwood a bit, go to dark drakes for a fast one hit kill with excessive spawn, it outshines any NLC map by a longshot. Expore and kill, have some fun

• 56-80; Jesters; Yup you heard me right, there's no problem with missing, just grab a small platform on the side and get great exp!

• 60-66; Do ghost pq, really nice exp rate.

Crusader(3rd Job advancement)

Crusader is an extremely fun job with a unique combo system. Probably one of the slowest leveling classes! Crusaders hold the title of hitting the highest damage in a single blow thanks to panic. They rely on stunning monsters with coma and shout. It activates chance attack and hits hard for a nice 25% boost in damage. Crusaders can be really fun if you play a certain way. Since Ascension they're really versatile because the finishers are helpful!

Crusader(Build number one: Efficiency)

[Skill=Crusader=Brandish]* 11 Brandish
[Skill=Crusader=Combo-Attack]* Max Combo Attack
[Skill=Crusader=Coma]* Max Coma
[Skill=Crusader=Chance-Attack]* Max Chance Attack
[Skill=Crusader=Shout]* Max Shout
[Skill=Crusader=Improving-Max-MP-Recovery]* Max Improving MP Recovery
[Skill=Crusader=Magic-Crash]* Max Magic Crash
[Skill=Crusader=Panic-Attack]* Max panic

Point: Brandish deals out more % damage than combo attack when maxed, therefore it is maxed first. Combo attack comes next which increases your damage even more
Chance attack adds more gain to that because it hits stunned monsters with more damage. Shout can be useful, because by the time you max it, you can go to alternative training locations. Improving mp recovery helps save potions a lot! Maxing magic crash will be explained in the Strategies section. Maxing panic is for the darkness buff it gives Post-BB

Crusader(Build number Two: Efficiency During 100's[Hell levels])

[Skill=Crusader=Brandish]* Max Brandish
[Skill=Crusader=Combo-Attack]* Max Combo Attack
[Skill=Crusader=Coma]* Max Coma
[Skill=Crusader=Chance-Attack]* Max Chance Attack
[Skill=Crusader=Panic]* Max panic
[Skill=Crusader=Shout]* MAX Shout OR MPHP Recovery, this is based on funding!
[Skill=Crusader=Improving-Max-MP-Recovery]*11 Improving HPMP Recovery
[Skill=Crusader=Magic-Crash]* Max Magic Crash

• Shout helps a lot at pirates but then becomes fairly useless you plan on PvPing. Mp recovery will save you a lot of potions, I mean a lot!

Crusader(Build Number Three: 4th job + Sp reset scroll)

• 11 Brandish
• Max Combo Attack
• Max Coma
• Max Chance Attack
• MAX Shout
• MAX Improving MP Recovery
• Max Magic Crash
• Max panic

Point: If you're in 4th job, its the best way to get the most out of an SP reset scroll


• Time to start thinking %, try finding as many 3 % items as you can, don't stress on it though, it only adds a small amount of damage.
• Try getting higher level speed shoes, and possible a speed bottom.
• Go top and bottom instead of overall, more stats, more potential.
• Get a scar helm if you can, not necessary
• Get a speed cape
• Buy a MoN(Message and I'll explain)
• Ask a friend to help you get a deputy star.
• Chaos gave rise to many equips. Forge a belt and whatever else you need.
• Potential Devil Sunrises are everywhere in FM, find a nice one!
• Funding: Up to your net gain. At least 100m recommended

Crusader(Training locations)

• 70~85 Jesters, hands down; You might need a bit of funding for this. If you maxed the groundsmash build I suggest you switch over to one-handed sword for a faster kill speed

• 82~105, Mp3 yields more EXP than its rivals, if and only if, you can solo the map.(You should be able to)

• 105~110;Pirates in Mu Lung, not recommended unless you are funded. These guys hit hard. Bring potions

• 110~120;Lion heart castle(Crockies) Decent exp until 115, must have hs.

Crusader Strategies

• The ol' charge up with an attack and blast em' with Coma combo.

• When using magic crash, the most effective use is on bosses. Monster bosses have super defensive and if you time it perfectly it can cause a blockage from that being cast. It helps on Zakum to stop it from casting magic, also it works wonders on high level bosses.

• Panic adds darkness, cast it with one orb, it still gives darkness, a nice boost POST-Jump update.

The Hero

Still got a ways to go, probably the most fun about 10 levels in. Extremely repetitive, not recommended for people who are looking for grind fast. Heros are majorly an end game type class. Most skills shine around 170, and you'll feel invincible. Defense isn't as high as paladins, but hp and attack power makes up for it. Heros are and offensive type class. In this section ill cover the basics, and go into massive detail.

Hero's Builds and skills

Skills are something needed in order to blossom as a hero.

ACA can only be found from zak that should be the hardest skill to get.
Your friendly basil search can help you with the rest
Most hero skills are very cheap and come from a secret mastery book.

[Skill=Hero=Rush]* 1 Rush, 1 Advanced Combo Attack, 1 Monster Magnet, 1 IS
[Skill=Hero=Advanced-Combo-Attack]* Max Advanced Combo Attack
[Skill=Hero=Interpid-Slash]* Max Interpid Slash
[Skill=Hero=Achilles]* Max Advanced Final attack(POST-Jump benefit)
[Skill=Hero=Combat-Mastery]* Max Combat Mastery
[Skill=Hero=Power-Stance]* 20 powerstance
[Skill=Hero=Power-Stance]* 10 Stance or Start to max Enrage.
[Skill=Hero=Enrage]* Max Enrage
[Skill=Hero=Monster-Magnet]* Max Monster Magnet
[Skill=Hero=Maple-Warrior]* Max MW
  • Max Hero's will
[Skill=Hero=Rush]* 18 Rush

Point: Rush helps you to push back monsters and it achieves its highest range at the first level. ACA gives you a boost of 5% damage and a small chance to get double orbs. Monster magnet pulls in various enemies with insane reach. It helps kill lower level monsters easy and gives you awesome ksing rights. It pulls monsters in from long distances for you to kill, its generally only used in training when a monster is in a corner, its range increases as it levels up so that's why you max it later on. ACA adds the most damage % to your brandish and all your skills in general. Interpid slash adds insane amounts of damage only after level 9(Unless you have inherit critical).
Combat mastery is pure amazing when dealing with bosses, it boosts your damage by A LOT. Stance is great at level 20, so you may want to max it now or after enrage, but it really depends on if you boss or train a lot. Advanced Final attack gives you massive benefits in terms of damage and training speed, it should come before enrage because of that. It should be maxed at level 173. Maple warrior can be moved up before monster magnet depending on who you're parting with usually.
Rush sucks, its last.

Decisive Action

• MM a monster behind you, walk a bit forward, rush it toward the wall and attack!

• Enrage can be turned off, use it to your advantage!

• Paladins trigger chance attack with threaten which gives you a nice boost in damage.

• Achilles can be a godsend when maxed

• Fame saderofroses for a high five!

Training Locations

• 120-135; Lion king's Crockies -- Bad spawn, Good EXP.

• 135-200 Bearwolves -- Best exp yield, Theres two maps. Both you should use a clockwise rotation

• 164-175 Official Knights -- Extremely hard to find an able party for this

• 175+ Advanced Knights -- Extremely hard to find an able party for this

Skill speeds and DPS

Keep these speeds in mind because they are used to calculate the damage you deal per second!

Power Strike/Slash Blast/Normal Attack
Faster (2): 600ms (-210ms)
Faster (3): 660ms (-150ms)
Fast (4): 720ms (-90ms)
Fast (5): 750ms (-60ms)
Normal (6): 810ms
Slow (7): 870ms (+60ms)
Slow (8): 900ms (+90ms)

Soul Driver
Faster (2): 1230ms (-420ms)
Faster (3): 1350ms (-300ms)
Fast (4): 1440ms (-210ms)
Fast (5): 1530ms (-120ms)
Normal (6): 1650ms

Final Attack: No delay

Brandish/Interpid Slash

Faster (2): 630ms (-210ms)
Faster (3): 690ms (-150ms)
Fast (4): 750ms (-90ms)
Fast (5): 810ms (-30ms)
Normal (6): 840ms
Slow (7): 900ms (+60ms)
Slow (8): 960ms (+120ms)

Rush (enemies)
All: 1770ms

Rush (no enemies)
Faster (2): 450ms (-150ms)
Faster (3): 510ms (-90ms)
Fast (4): 540ms (-60ms)
Fast (5): 570ms (-30ms)
Normal (6): 600ms
Slow (7): 660ms (+60ms)
Slow (8): 690ms (+90ms)

• Hits per minute with IS
(60 000 milliseconds) / (x milliseconds of attack) = Answer

Damage per second is used to calculate the total damage output you deal during a second.(Obviously)
Most people only apply this to bosses, but it can be used for 120+ training spots.

• I'm going to focus on the interpid slash portion. When using a two-handed sword you cast interpid slash at a speed of 810ms. Keep this in mind: I eat an apple at a speed of 1 per minute, but my friend (a one handed sword with the speed of 4) Eats one third of an apple every 15 seconds. Who finishes the apple first...
Though damage may be lower switching to a one-handed sword only helps boost your damage over time in forth job. The reason I stress 4th job is because a two-handed beats a one-handed since it usually kills a monster in a hit. On boss monsters such as monsters in LHC, that is not the case. I will continue this in the end game equips section.
• Heroes are known for their ability to solo bosses, this is only known through key skills however.
Defense ignore plays a major in this.

Warrior's Clarifications

End game equips

After slowly buildings up your meso, you now have just enough to slowly start upgrading you equips (500 mil)

• Weapon first, they deal the most damage. I'd recommend crafting a reverse sword and hoping for the best with some 60%'s, You'll definitely get 130 attack.

• Slowly start building your % STR. Remember, 3% STR on every equips is greater than 9% STR on one equip.

• Buy scrolled speed equips 70+ and get them 3 lined; you NEED to have max speed.

• Gloves with % str = better than many attack wgs. Gloves 6% str + 8 attack > 14 attack gloves.
Its self-explanatory actually, get epic and unique items in any order you'd like on tradable items. Then do the untradeable items last. Slowly upgrade your items.

• A HTP with 6% STR > Mon with 10 attack, Get one after everything is potential with Epic.

• Switch to one-handed sword + shield, more % str = more damage. Since the multipliers for the weapons changed, its now easier to achieve the damage of a two handed sword. Shield with 9% str and some attack renders a stone tooth useless.

• Gm scrolls can make any 1h sword you desire to be perfectly scrolled.

• Shoulder pads! Tenacious Grand Pauldron, Dark angelic bless rings, BB rings, Str rings, Crit rings.

• End game equips consist of everything having 21% STR, 34 str 27 shield, Von leon gloves with 27 attack and SE, and a belt with high attack

• Uber tier = The lion heart set when the requirement is fulfilled beats every single equip in the game. Pot them = Win life.

Fast 4 vs. Fast 5

•Use my analogy from before
In this case I'm referring to the Pyrope sword because of its fast 4 speed and the VIP sword because of its fast 5 speed.
A Perfect sword (132) Attack pyrope
VS a VIP (165) Attack
So who wins
In this case the Pyrope wins. With more funds the gap between the two increases. When Speed infusion or Yellow aura plays a role the VIP sword wins hands down.
Hits per minute is 96 vs 84.(Booster included)
If you'd like to calculate DPH I've provided most of the info for it.
• I only said this to totally outlaw 2h swords from 4th job. Although thanks to some new information, it might be best for the hero to use a Fast (5) sword since decent SI is going to hit the maple world in 4 months.

Hero VS Player: Help from one of the best PVP'ers

Heros are some of the best PVP players but it has to be in only certain conditions. I myself have a 55 winstreak of first place, so that should qualify me enough to say this.
Heros gain massive benefits from any battle mode attack. Get the larsons set and wear it over any clothes you might have. Remember 1 PVP ATT = 5 REG ATT. The best weapon by far is the fast 4 sword. I myself haven't lost a single match using one. I myself have beaten 2h heros. Remember Speed > Power. With more speed you'll get more points. With PVP ATT, you'll get more K.O.'s Heros need to use all their skills in order to be the best. When you see a fellow hero, Magic crash him. When you see a Mage, Magic crash him. Magic crash is your best friend in PVP, dont be afraid to use it. When a fellow warrior magic crashes you, keep attacking, Interpid deals enough damage with a fast 4 sword to hold out its own. Try to use MM as much as possible too, it'll stun people and hit up to 6 people. Stops people in their tracks, gives you time to buff, and does considerable damage.
When someone is running away, MM them, if close enough use rush.
Experiment around, I have tons of pvp secrets, you can p.m. me for those.

Dex equips and the stone tooth path

Dex as mentioned in the AP distribution section can be used to equip certain items.
The stonetooth sword(or its cheaper version Night raven wing) are two handed swords with fast speed. The advantage to this is that you'll be able to enjoy the benefits of a high attack range(higher weapon mutliplier[1.34]) and enjoy fast speed. The difficulty however is obtaining 95 DEX, 120 DEX, or even the more challenging 170 DEX for the lion heart set. I'll show you how to obtain such requirements without sacrificing so much damage and strength.

Accessory: 4 Dex + BB Ring l + BB Ring ll + Dex ring 7 + Dex ring 7 + HTP + Sharp Grand Pauldron + Blood mask or any other mask that adds around 3 dex + any glasses(usually 1-3+ dex) + Dex belt(Sharp Exquisite Belt)= 92 Dex in accessories alone, These items are obtainable fairly easy.
Estimated STR and attack sacrificed [B]~30 STR 2ATT [/B]

Non Accessory Equips: CZAK, or Scar(Dex) 21 DEX, if scrolled up to 40~ Dex, Top(3lines) Level 90 5+ Dex inherit(Unscrolled can be more if crafted), Bottom 6 Dex clean level 90(Can be more if crafted), Shoes(Any) Scrolled up to 12 Dex, Cape up to 15 dex.
= ~80 Without accesories
Estimated STR sacrificed: [B] NONE[/B]

92 + 80 + MW = Over 200 Dex.

This doesn't include potential that can be given with lines or % dex other than MW
If you dont meet the requirement by like 20 dex, just become an alchemist and make some dex potions.

Weapon Potential

The best potential would be obviously like 90% Bossing or something like that but lets get real that isn't happening
Bossing VS Training
How about both!
Any bossing % + any ignore damage + total damage= good stuff
Hero's have 40% Combat mastery which ignores 40% defense. It's a great skill but not enough to ignore all defense completely.
15% Ignore will greatly increase your damage
On bosses like pink bean it's proven that the 30% ignore is greater than 30% bossing. It's because of his high PDR rate.
Total damage is also a great pot, essentially is the best all around pot, aim for around 15%
I will update this later

Keyboard Layouts! Please help me out here!

Good laptop to Computer layout.
Good x-box controller layout.

A word of advice

Many people think that the warrior class is really easy, just like all the other classes. A good time, easy sailing. As the soul driver got nerfed for many paladins, half or more quit. They couldn't handle the training of a new warrior. That's a reason why I advise you to not take this class if you're looking for damage or speed. The warrior path isn't meant to be taken on unless you enjoy that class. Hero's are very bland to people who can't play them well, they can't handle "spamming" on bosses. Even I admit that it sometimes gets a little annoying. Well, I actually should thank nexon. Most heros have been weeded out. People realize that the class isn't all that it is meant to be. A warrior class is slow to most people. The warrior community is small and tightly nit together. You should have a good personality about it.
I started my first crusader in scania, low dex without funds back in o'7. It was extremely hard but I worked myself up. I experience a short lived crusader-hood before I was hacked. I moved to Broa on that point, No funds. I was a dexless warrior. It was hard. I'd miss on everything, there was nothing I could 100% hit. I barely had enough money to make 70 accuracy. I slowly built myself up with sheer willpower(not the trait). The point I'm trying to make is, that if you're a warrior then you're a warrior. Don't play the class if you know that you can't make it. Most people can't and that's okay. For the hero's that do make it though, to those later levels(150+) have some resilience and I applaud them. The warrior community isn't to be taken lightly, we share pride. So, take your first steps into a warrior. Be a hero on maplestory. While doing so, have pride in your class, because you're part of a dying job.

Motivational Videos

Pre-BB misery;feature=related

Skybon a very active basil member soloing Mu lung dojo post-chaos

Varsityhero, one of the greatest hero's soloing PB *close, before BB

Nerola one of the best heros today with his perfect gear.

Questions comments concerns and works cited

Speed link: refers to pre BB though speeds of brandish and IS are the same.)
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ChildCrusade Level 170 Broa Evan 10th Growth
I think you did this wrong. There are no blue headers

Other than that, looks pretty solid, though I didn't read it all
Jul 08 2011
why isn't those bracket-thingys not working
Jul 08 2011
DaHermit Level 202 Scania Zero Transcendent
Nice guide, but for third job, I think you should max Shout because it really helps when your training at Pirates (Captains and Krus) at 100+ and MP recovery really isn't that useful because your going to be potting constantly anyways when your health is low or mp is low.
Jul 08 2011
marauder21 Level 107 Bera Aran 4
I'm pretty sure a 30-70 fighter doesnt need 30m in funding
Final attack is meant to be increased because of brandish and intrepid
Jul 08 2011
Nice guide, but for third job, I think you should max Shout because it really helps when your training at Pirates (Captains and Krus) at 100+ and MP recovery really isn't that useful because your going to be potting constantly anyways when your health is low or mp is low.[/quote]

I refered to that in the training locations thank you though. I'm adding different builds.
@marauder21 ; Its a suggestion, at least that much funding for the wg's ect.
Remember this is a guide for most new players
I'm referring to final attack's use in the 2nd job when I say that
Jul 08 2011
chocse2 Level 114 Windia Phantom 3
so you finnally made it how long it take you? lol
Jul 08 2011
1st like great job man!
Jul 08 2011
so you finnally made it how long it take you? lol[/quote]

Couple hours, I had a lot done before hand but I was lazy. You somewhat inspired me. Thanks guys~
Jul 08 2011
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