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bolisaaachun Level 206 Bera Bishop Aristocrats Guild
I would love to see Darling Diva hairstyle irl picture! but heres what i found: - Upstyle - Rainbow

does it look similar? >.<
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aethynyc Level 117 Scania Marksman
I'm sure there are plenty of real life hair that can look like Maple's styles.

I really like the bun's hair color. Red-orange
Jul 08 2011
MapleIx3 Level 135 Bera I/L Arch Mage
Lovely Ladyhawk
Jul 08 2011
My hair = Matinee Idol/Free Spirit.[/quote]

Oh hey, my hair too. Somewhat.
Jul 08 2011
That looks kinda like my hair, just mine's longer.[/quote]

My parents cut mine when they perceive it as too long/thick. Q_Q
Jul 08 2011
Mine did too, before I moved out.

As for thick, I just have my hair thinned. Although it might not work with your hair. o-o[/quote]

For thickness, I use a razor blade on my hair. Works wonders.
Jul 08 2011
aethynyc Level 117 Scania Marksman
@Mafiya & @SerratedSickle: You guys are complaining about thick hair?

Gimme gimme. I have such thin hair. At least you can thin them out, unlike my hair...
L> hair implants
Jul 08 2011
My hair looks like Metrosexual but in black. I'd say it looks like Caspia but it doesn't curl at the bottom.
Jul 08 2011
my hair looks kinda like the Jean hair ~(Like anyother girl )
Jul 09 2011
WalkDePlank Level 161 Broa Paladin
Neon Cactus hair.
Jul 09 2011

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