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How to increase trait level

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I was just curious on how you increase each of your trait levels.

Ambition, Charm, Dilligence, WillPower, Insight, and Empathy
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MmmPotato Level 174 Bera Marksman
Copy-pasted from the [url=]Update Notes[/url].
* Ambition: Increase it by hunting boss monsters. Effect: Increases your Attack for Battle Mode (coming soon).
* Empathy: Increase it by harvesting herbs. Effect: Increases your Max MP and your Quest EXP.
* Insight: Increase it by mining. Effect: Increases your Accuracy and Avoidability and allows you to check the Hidden Potential of items without using a Magnifying Glass.
* Willpower: Increase it by participating in party quests. Effect: Increases Weapon Defense and Magic Defense, and builds resistance to abnormal status effects.
* Diligence: Increase it by crafting. Effect: Increases scroll success rates and doubles profession mastery gain.
* Charm: Increase it by gaining fame, equipping Cash equipment, changing your hair or face style, or changing your hair, eye, or skin color. Effect: Gives quests to add a Pocket slot to your Equip Inventory, to gain special items, and to gain Facial Expression Cash Item. You can purchase Pocket Items from Nave in Henesys Market.
* Raising your level in a trait will eventually unlock quests that will reward you with medals specific to that trait.
Edit: Certain party quests also raise traits like Empathy and Insight, for some reason. And Willpower also increases if you stay online for a certain amount of time.
Jul 10 2011
willpower is for like pq's and stuff i think
i got some from cpq and gspq

not sure about others, but some clothes give a one-time charm buff
and one of the quests gave empathy in mushroom kingdom, but another one there also took away 5 empathy.
Jul 10 2011
you do realize it says how to increase each trait and what they do in the game. hover your mouse over each one in the "professions window" (default key is o i think.)
Jul 10 2011

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