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Where to get some ores from mining.

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Jul 11 11
If you want to expand the list add somethings you've found while mining veins.

Here's some. :

Purple Vein - Lidum Ore, Triangular Rice ball ((left+Right)give it to your imp, lasts for 12 meals), Wisdom Crystal Ore, LUK Crystal Ore, Jukebox, Pounding Heart (Right+Left)
Heartstone - Lots of Ore Fragments, Pounding Heart (right), Triangular Rice ball (left,right)
Gold Vein - Topaz Ore, Gold Ore
Aquamarine Vein - Aquamarine Ore, Diamond Ore
Silver Vein - Silver Ore, Opal Ore
Brown Vein - Bronze Ore, Adamantium Ore
Magenta Vein - Amethyst Ore, Orihalcon Ore
Blue Vein - Steel Ore, Sapphire Ore
Red Vein - Pounding Heart (right), Triangular Rice Ball (left), Power Crystal Ore, Garnet Ore, Jukebox (left)
Emerald Vein - DEX Ore, Gemstone Imp, Mithril Ore, Emerald Ore, Topaz Ore, Gold Ore
Black Vein - Black Crystal Ore, Dark Crystal Ore, LUK crystal ore

Please help to the list! I'll add more when people give in some, thanks.

Considering many people have been asking for good farming spots, heres a list that is still under construction for popular farming spots. Please contribute, thanks!

Cloud Terrace, Ludibrium: You will be able to find lots of Purple and Black Veins in this area. You will often find Magenta and Silver Veins, yet Black and Purple are more common.

NLC, Haunted Mansion: Very good farming spot for most Veins, the forest is also very good!

Black Mountain, Korean Folk Town: Very recommended place to find Gold/Emerald Veins you will mostly occur to find these Veins in the higher parts of the mountain.

Mushroom Kingdom: Very good place to find Heartstones. found lot's at the second map in.

Magatia: The Sahel parts have lots of Veins from most types. Not confirmed what this place would be best for farming.

NOTE These are recommended places meaning it is not EXACTLY the best place to find these Veins. Most of these places were recommended by basilers. Please take this list here in consideration.

Please contribute to the thread to help other people.Thanks!
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Jul 11 11
ChuckNastee: How can we find what veins we want? I'm looking for Silver Veins but I don't even know where to start looking.

Veins appear in all 30+ maps, so finding the best farming spots is SUPER hard x.x this is just a colab of what veins drop so it's easier to know what veins to look for
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Jul 11 11
Found 2 lidium ._.!
Jul 11 11
IVIapleSyrup: Found 2 lidium ._.!

Was it at Purple Vein? Because that's where i've been getting mine.
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Jul 11 11*
Khaini Buccaneer
Jul 12 11*
DemethosGMS Battle Mage 3
Aquamarine Vein - Diamond Ore
Red Vein - Jukebox (Left)
Jul 12 11
Purple Vein - Wisdom Crystal ore
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Jul 12 11
What are "ore fragments" dropped by heartstones used for?
Jul 12 11
Scania Bishop
You can trade 100 fragments in for a mining bag.
Jul 12 11
Broa Paladin
Also they're dropped by every vein, even when you fail.
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Jul 12 11
Bera Shadower
ragnerkiller: Aquamarine Vein - Diamond Ore
Red Vein - Jukebox (Left)

U sir, just SAVED MeH LIFE!
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