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Where to train lvl 139 besides LHC

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Jul 11 11
Broa Bow Master
Okay so ive been training at LHC for awhile and i know it is the best exp right now. But i just want to take a break from LHC and train solo somewhere. Somewhere that is not terrible, maybe like 20%-25% per hr. Is Bain a good place to train?
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Jul 11 11
Windia Dark Knight
You can go try some old school maps in leafre, such as Blue Wyvern or Cornians. But I dun think there is a place that u can get 20%~25% per hr. Leveling at LHC is a joke compare to the old maps. If they aren't gonna increase the lvl cap. They should reli think to remove that place.
Jul 11 11
Windia Bow Master
You could go to the first map in ToT, however LHC is much superior
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Jul 11 11
Broa Bow Master
according to basil, green cornians and bains are same level, same hp n exp. except i think the map is easier with bains because its flat. but yeah i agree with LHC. im only trying to get away from there because im bored of it and sometimes annoying to try to find a party.
Jul 11 11*
Bera Marksman
You aren't going to get 20-25% an hour at a place that isn't LHC. I got 15%/hr at ToT at level 142. Bains and Cornians wern't even close to as good.
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Jul 11 11
Bera Aran 2
do u think u can solo pap at ur lvl? cuz i think that's good exp.
Jul 11 11
Bellocan Paladin
Skele/ToT, or Bossing are your only options. Highly advised to work on getting really deep in ToT.
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