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Confusion about how to get item crystals.

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Well I am confused about how item crystals are made and such...this is what I understand:
You use a disassembler that an kind alchemist creates and you pay that alchemist and you insert your equip items and they are changed into item crystals.
My question:
Do only equip items can be changed to item crystals?
How much do you think item crystals will sell for in Bera?
How does this thing work: for example, is it the higher level the equip you disassemble, the more crystals you get and the type of crystal is random, or the other way around?
Also, is disassembling equips the only way to make item crystals?
And one extra off topic question: what do we do with fragmented ores? (they come out whenever im mining and i get an ore, a fragment ore comes out with it, is it useless?)
I know, lots of questions but share your knowledge and maybe this post can help everyone else asking the same thing. =)
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marauder21 Level 107 Bera Aran 4
I think it might be like maker
Jul 11 2011
Ghoul10 Level 174 Scania Shadower
only equips, they won't sell, no it's a set amount depending on what type it is and if it's like somewhere in between type of equip it could be either the lower level or the higher level, fragmented ores = 100 for a random amount of ores
Jul 11 2011
Ghoul10 Level 174 Scania Shadower
@KevinChenHao: almost the same except for the level 40 wand you get the level 40 item crystal for the level 90 wand you get the level 90 crystal it depends on the level of the equip you disassemble I'm thinking and what type it is if it's a weapon it'll give you a lot more than a hat or a glove.
Jul 11 2011
Kizo Level 199 Scania Mechanic 4
lv 1-50 items = basic crystal
lv 60-90 items = intermediate crystal + a low % getting advance crystal
lv 91 + items = advance crystal
Jul 11 2011
Ohhh thanks! =)
During maker skill era, i remember it was monster crystal and higher lvl monster drop=better crystal. Similar way in item crystal? Hmmm. But the items require a lot of crystals! And for the high level crystals, it would suck to have to disassemble such high lvl good equips...what is nexon thinking..i like monster crystal idea better...
Also, who do we go to to give in our 100 fragment ores?
Jul 11 2011
The Item extractor doesn't seem to allow to put in equips above the level range of 50.
Why is that?
Is it like that for any of you guys?
Jul 12 2011
Maybe it has to deal with your level of profession?
Jul 12 2011
Ahh. I found out. They have to have obtained the Intermediate and up Extractor.
Jul 12 2011
lansh Level 150 Arcania Buccaneer
How do alchemists open up the extractor for you? I'm a smither, I really need those crystals.
Jul 12 2011
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