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Dragon Tail Hairstyle

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at the top left there is a line of hair color coming from one of the "spikes" from the top left down to the head. ive noticed this for some while now and im just wondering why its there lol? i like the hairstyle but it just bothers me so much. im considering changing it just because of that little detail. anyone willing to convince me otherwise to just change the hair color from orange to purple or something along those lines?
Posted: July 2011 Permalink


Looks like someone just added a random line in paint to it ;p
Jul 12 2011
hamsam79 Level 145 Scania Buccaneer
Looks like someone just added a random line in paint to it ;p[/quote]

It really does!
Jul 12 2011
Thanks... now it bothers me.
It's a great hairstyle for warriors. Personally, I think it's just a little streak of hair to indicate a somewhat messy hairstyle.
Jul 12 2011
i like it but i really dont like the "line" i wish it would just go away -_- anyways, i kinda want a new hairstyle anyways. i will probably just change the hair color lol
Jul 12 2011
jetsalami Level 164 Bera Bow Master
It means you take ass kicking as a priority before your hair! You should be proud of your single dislodged lock of hair!
Jul 12 2011
i just decided to change my skin color and hair color lol. i used a random hair color and got purple xD
Jul 12 2011

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