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How to equip pocket items
MapleStory Forums : General MapleStory : General MS questions and answers
Jul 12 11
Khaini Chief Bandit
There's been a lot of wrong information about pocket items floating around that I wish to clear up. For one, you can buy the items in henseys just to the right of the potion shop for 50,000 mesos. After looking around a bit I heard that you needed 30 charm to equip them and nothing else; but this is false. At 30 charm you are given a quest called "Excessively Charming" in which you must acquire a rose clipping for the hair stylist in Henseys. Rose clippings drop randomly while progressing your herblore. Once you give the clipping to the hair stylist, you are given the rose pocket item and a pocket slot to equip it in. After this, you are given a quest "Star of Maple World" where you must go speak to Lana in Kerning Square where she will tell you to go speak with Chief Stan. After speaking with Stan in Henseys you are given the permanent emote "Constant Sigh".


Show proof if you're going to add something, don't just start throwing around baseless statements.

Screenshots of 30 charm with no pocket slot here...

Screenshots of finished quest with rose equipped...

EDIT: This is an old thread, for some reason the screenshots are all glitched out. If people show interest in the thread ill update the screenshots, otherwise i'm not going to bother.
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Jul 12 11
Bera Hayato 2
Good guide. +1 thumb for you sir
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Jul 12 11
LOL in the second link/picture of the first three and the second there, your eyes are different.

Anyway, very nice, useful information. (:
Jul 12 11
Zenith Bow Master
how did u get lvl 30 for charm? 0.0
Jul 12 11
Windia Mercedes 4
Nice glitched rings .

OT: No idea how you got to level 30 Charm already.
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Jul 12 11
Khaini Bow Master
How did you get to lvl30 charm so fast?
Jul 12 11
Scania Xenon 3
Scamming fames in the fm eh?
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Jul 12 11
Scania Night Lord
So how do you get rose clippings if you're not an herbalist? Or do they expect you to unlearn mining and get herbalism? OR do miners have a different quest?
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Jul 12 11
Scania Blade Lord
Can you please be more clear?
Jul 12 11*
Bera Paladin
FALLENxxWolf: So how do you get rose clippings if you're not an herbalist? Or do they expect you to unlearn mining and get herbalism? OR do miners have a different quest?

This is what I'm wondering. Or maybe miners have to get some other attribute to 30 and that presents a different quest.
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