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Best Mining Places

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chillyprince Level 175 Scania I/L Wizard
List Down Your Best Mining Places Guiz! lets help each other and share the love

i'll start first~ i really like mining at the master death teddy maps, because ppl r too busy hunting for the stupid recipe, u would get lots of rocks for u to satisfy urself with (that sounded wrong... xD)

what about you? ^-^
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Aranmurder Level 147 Windia Hero
Edelstien mine duh
Jul 12 2011
Liltravi Level 84 Scania Aran 3
Crimsonwood forest is good, i just kept going through the portals and found some pretty nice stuff
Jul 12 2011
j1337 Level 50 Bera Blade Acolyte
The intermediate mine cause I need Adamantium ores
Jul 12 2011
Haunted House at NLC, Orbis Tower, Secret Mine for the low level rocks.
Jul 12 2011
Not to change the subject but where can i find topazes
Jul 12 2011
@ItalKid This. what he said. XD
I like to Mine at LHC and just roam around into the towers and mine everywhere.
then I usually get frustrated when I have no more ETC room or Spaces in my Bag. xD
Jul 12 2011
ufinkok Level 211 Windia Aran 4
i was mining at ToT
i found 5 heartrocks so i guess i was lucky
Jul 12 2011
Secret mining area for 1-4,
After that the best place, depends on what kinda rock you're going for.
Jul 12 2011
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