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Jul 12 11
Scania I/L Wizard
List Down Your Best Mining Places Guiz! lets help each other and share the love

i'll start first~ i really like mining at the master death teddy maps, because ppl r too busy hunting for the stupid recipe, u would get lots of rocks for u to satisfy urself with (that sounded wrong... xD)

what about you? ^-^
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Jul 12 11
Khaini Chief Bandit
For harvesting Emerald Veins, if needed, go to Gallos and cc around. There should be one per ch every time you CC. Worked for me. .
MapleStory Screen: Mushroom on a mission.
Jul 12 11
Windia Hero
Edelstien mine duh
Maple Story: Hail Hydra
Jul 12 11
Scania Aran 3
Crimsonwood forest is good, i just kept going through the portals and found some pretty nice stuff
Jul 12 11
Bera Bow Master
The intermediate mine cause I need Adamantium ores
MapleStory Screen: Lncendlary by emi
Jul 12 11
Bera Dark Knight
Haunted House at NLC, Orbis Tower, Secret Mine for the low level rocks.
Jul 12 11
Galicia Blade Recruit
what do heartstones give?
Jul 12 11
Broa Aran 3
Jul 12 11
Bellocan Hermit
Not to change the subject but where can i find topazes
Jul 12 11
Broa Blade Recruit
ItalKid This. what he said. XD
I like to Mine at LHC and just roam around into the towers and mine everywhere.
then I usually get frustrated when I have no more ETC room or Spaces in my Bag. xD
Jul 12 11
Windia Aran 4
i was mining at ToT
i found 5 heartrocks so i guess i was lucky
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