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NX Purchasing problems

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Jul 12 11
Mardia F/P Arch Mage
Everytime i try to purchase nx with paypal i get this message. High Risk

This transaction is high risk. Please use Nexon Pre-paid Card for further transactions. If you feel you have received this message in error, please contact

What's up with this? And purchasing nx through works at my moms house but not at my dads. This is very strange...
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Jul 12 11
Scania Bishop
You should post this in the technical problems section.
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Jul 12 11
Bera Thunder Breaker 3
You probably won't be able to ever do anything pertaining to NX besides redeeming a card. I got the error since the surverys came out and I haven't been able to charge NX with paypal or do the surveys.
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Jul 12 11
Mardia F/P Arch Mage
It's just strange that it works at my moms house but not my dads. (With the same computer)
Jul 12 11
Bera Priest
High risk?

I'm guessing it's some form of demented IP lock that prevents you from using Paypal/Online transactions away from the original location. (I really have no idea).
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