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How do you make MAGIC POWDER

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-Tried making the plants into oil, got oil but not powder
-Tried making stuff with the oil, got potions but not the powder
-Can't extract powder from the plant

Please reply!
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thesolemnone Level 200 Broa Jett 4
Occasionally, when making plates you get powders. I used 70 mithril ores with an outcome of 15 plates and 2 green powders.
Jul 12 2011
Basicly, alchemists can't make magic powder?
But the plant's description said you can refine it for magic powder.
Jul 12 2011
Algific Level 212 Broa Aran 4
Yes alchemists can make magic powder. I was trying to make some mandarin seed/flower oil and got brown powder.
Jul 12 2011
Zulucker Level 196 Arcania Night Lord
i guess theres like a 5% chance to get a powder when making stuff, i got powder when using my mining skill
Jul 12 2011
That explains the blue powder that appeared in my inventory. I thought it was the old powder from the old maker skill that I might have missed throwing away so I threw that one away.
Jul 12 2011
What are the powders for?
I got tons smelting ores.
Jul 12 2011
gnudge ill buy from u all your powders and there for alchemist
Jul 13 2011

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