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Jul 12 11
KradiaGMS Beginner
-Tried making the plants into oil, got oil but not powder
-Tried making stuff with the oil, got potions but not the powder
-Can't extract powder from the plant

Please reply!
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Jul 12 11
Broa Jett 4
Occasionally, when making plates you get powders. I used 70 mithril ores with an outcome of 15 plates and 2 green powders.
Jul 12 11
KradiaGMS Beginner
Basicly, alchemists can't make magic powder?
But the plant's description said you can refine it for magic powder.
MapleStory Screen: Earrings: int +9, m.att 8, 1 slot left
Jul 12 11
Broa Aran 4
Yes alchemists can make magic powder. I was trying to make some mandarin seed/flower oil and got brown powder.
Jul 12 11
Arcania Night Lord
i guess theres like a 5% chance to get a powder when making stuff, i got powder when using my mining skill
Jul 12 11
Broa Mechanic 3
That explains the blue powder that appeared in my inventory. I thought it was the old powder from the old maker skill that I might have missed throwing away so I threw that one away.
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Jul 12 11
Scania Priest
What are the powders for?
I got tons smelting ores.
Jul 13 11
Windia Dragon Knight
gnudge ill buy from u all your powders and there for alchemist

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