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Easiest way to level smithing up quick

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Lek Level 97 Galicia Hermit
Create a mule to mine and smelt, transfer, make arrows.
Jul 13 2011
1. I buy already refinded ores: aquamarine and diamond. I also buy arrow recipes form the merchant.
2. I make the arrows. In bera, 1mil for aquamarine.

I am lv 4 smith already.
Jul 13 2011
Been forging arrows so far, but the later ones need recipes so they're trickier. I need to get my Smithing to level 10 for one recipe so I'm interested in this too. D:
Jul 13 2011
It would be so much faster if fatigue didn't fill up so quickly.
Jul 13 2011
LordAschEX Level 143 Galicia Bishop
What do we get at level 10 anyways?
Jul 16 2011
How do you get basic monster crystal?
Jul 19 2011
I bought 100 opal (10 m ) and then I just made quality arrows . They only need 1 opal
Jul 19 2011

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