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Jul 16 11
KradiaGMS Dawn Warrior 3
Hi guys!
So today I decided to zak for phantom blow on my dual blader. After getting it on the second try, I used the mastery book and poof there it was. I had 3 sp saved and spent all of the required sp in my other jobs.
Whenever I'd try to apply sp into phantom blow(or any 4th job skill) I'd get the message "Previous skills insufficient" nothing about 2nd or 3rd job, just those 3 words. I used the sp reset given to me during chaos and nothing else.
Jul 16 11
That means that you need to give you're skill points on skills of the 2nd or 3rd job.
Jul 16 11*
KradiaGMS Dawn Warrior 3
ZakumArms I already used all the sp needed in those jobs
Jul 16 11
Windia I/L Arch Mage
It means that there arent enough sp in a certain job bracket.Like for most classes Lv10-30(First Job) should have 61 sp, lv31-70(2nd Job) should have 121 sp,and lv 71-120(3rd Job) should have 151 sp.
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Jul 16 11
Khaini Corsair
I think it has something to do with the skill points you got from the mastery books. Not sure about this, but it's possible.
Jul 16 11
KradiaGMS Dawn Warrior 3
Again, I'm 100% sure I put all the sp where it belonged, I was applying sp into 4th job just fine till I get pb

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