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Golden Flowers and Heartstones

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I've seen heartstones in Boswell Field VI and Cloud Terrace 5.
I always see more Golden Flowers than heartstones, but I don't keep track of where they are.[/quote]

Same. But I think this is largely due to the fact that there are more miners than there are herbalists.
Jul 19 2011
It makes sense to see more flowers - there is only one craft profession that uses herbs and two that use ores.

Actually, what I've heard from extractions (though this may've been KMS) is that there isn't even [i]data[/i] for successfully mining one of these, until the Legends update. That's why we always get the failed animation and only get lots of ore bits or herb roots, and some imp stuff. Has anyone actually successfully gathered from one of these?

BTW, interestingly enough, gathering these doesn't take up fatigue, so it's basically a free mastery point
Jul 19 2011
Elin forest is full of heartstones, the wild boar map got at least one per 2channels
Jul 19 2011
More information please. I would love to find some Heatstones, I managed to find some on the first day then never again. I see heaps of Golden Flowers however.
Jul 19 2011
IceCorp Level 163 Kradia Phantom 4
I have level 8 mining and I still haven't managed to successfully mine any heartstone.
Jul 19 2011
New Screen: Herb chart
Heart Stones & Golden Flowers are rendered useless. You have a 1% chance of passing it. Although, I don't know if having a high level profession will give you a higher chance of passing. As far as I know, I don't think anyone in KMS had ever passed it.

To curious people. If you fail either any one of them. You get,
Heart Stone
Golden Flower[/quote]

Umm... If it was actually a 1% chance of passing it, there would be people going around saying "OMG I MINED A HEARTSTONE/GATHERED A GOLD FLOWER"... 1% is low, but considering the number of active players around, and the amount of time each player tries to gather one, this would actually be a fairly common occurrence.

Nobody passing it in KMS: probably, the pass rate is... zero. Again, this is until whatever patch (supposedly Legends).
Jul 19 2011
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