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jessyricky Level 178 Bera Marksman
I have just made one today and I am wondering what are the commands. If anyone knows any it would be appreciated so far all I know is "Android I love you" and they have to be in caps.
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Haha = f2
Boohoo = f4
Grr = f5
Whoa = f7
Yay = Sparkly Eyes
Yuck/Gross = Puke
Kiss = Smoochies
and a plain, I love you = Googoo

all I know so far ^^
Jul 21 2011
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Yay = Awesome
Jul 21 2011
ThiefCerenit Level 120 Broa Wind Archer 3
Leave out the word Android, you don't need to say it.

EDIT : I'd like to add a few words to the list someone else posted above. Smoochies and Kiss both give the kiss face. Haha and Hoho make it smile.
Aug 08 2011
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