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jessyricky Level 178 Bera Marksman
I have just made one today and I am wondering what are the commands. If anyone knows any it would be appreciated so far all I know is "Android I love you" and they have to be in caps.
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Haha = f2
Boohoo = f4
Grr = f5
Whoa = f7
Yay = Sparkly Eyes
Yuck/Gross = Puke
Kiss = Smoochies
and a plain, I love you = Googoo

all I know so far ^^
Jul 21 2011
Yay = Awesome
Jul 21 2011
sakuranw Level 86 Windia Blade Lord
I love you
Yuck or Gross
Kiss ~smooch
Grr >.<
Wow or Yay or Awesome ~sparkly
Jul 28 2011
What is this android you speak of
Is it like the android egg looking things?
Jul 28 2011
Sephie Level 200 Broa Paladin
Anyone know the command for F3 and F6?
Jul 29 2011
ryu626 Level 210 Windia Night Lord
yeah what are the commands for Flaming eyes f3 or f6?
Aug 08 2011
ThiefCerenit Level 182 Broa Paladin
Leave out the word Android, you don't need to say it.

EDIT : I'd like to add a few words to the list someone else posted above. Smoochies and Kiss both give the kiss face. Haha and Hoho make it smile.
Aug 08 2011

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