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Imp raising guide

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shairn Level 200 Broa Paladin
It seems many people are having trouble raising imps, so to clarify the process of raising one once and for all, here's a simple guide.

What are imps and what do they give?

If you have no idea what the imps are and what they do, here's a quick explanation. There are two types of imps: Orange imps and Gemstone imps. The orange imp's rewards are focused more towards people with the herbalism and alchemy professions, while gemstone imps' rewards are geared towards those with mining and smithing/accessory crafting. The complete list of rewards from imps can be [url=]found here[/url].

Keeping your imp alive

This is the most important part of raising an imp, obviously. Imps require food, but surprisingly not all that much. Your imp must receive food every hour or else it will go hungry and its fullness will start decreasing. After one hour of being hungry, your imp will atrophy and its closeness will not increase until it has gone up one level. For every hour it stays hungry, your imp's fullness drops by 100. If their fullness reaches 0 or below, they die. Don't forget to feed your imps! Note that the item must be around your level(For ETC items, check the description. If there's no level, you can't feed it to your imp).

Every now and then, your imps will become sick. Curing them is easy, since all you have to do is feed them a pill that you can buy from Nack in Ardentmill. I suggest keeping a few dozen pills on yourself so you don't have to travel to ardentmill every time your imps get sick. When an imp is sick, their fullness drops by 100 every hour until they reach 0 or below at which point they die.

How do you make the imp grow?

Making an imp grow is fairly simple. When you fill its fullness bar up, it will go to sleep for 21h. When it wakes up, it will have gone up one level out of 8. If you are not on and it wakes up, it will simply wake up and it will go hungry. If it goes hungry before you log on, you will have to feed it until it's full again in order to level it up. No worries though, if that happens, the level will be gained instantaneously.

Now, there are two things you can feed an imp: Equipment and ETC items. Equipment will give your imp an average of 100 fullness points(out of 1000) while ETC items will give it roughly 20. It's usually favorable to give it ETC, as they're much, much more common than equipment, even though a lot more clicking is involved. Higher level items will give more fullness and lower level items will give less.

Getting better rewards

The more closeness your imp has(out of a possible 100), the better the reward you will receive. Closeness is increased by feeding imps. You cannot, however, just stuff their face and expect to max their closeness out. Once every 10 mins, the imp will gain one "hunger point". By feeding an imp that has an available hunger point, you can augment its closeness by one. There is a way to max out its closeness faster, and it involves pounding hearts.

Pounding hearts are use items found randomly by harvesting herbs and veins. They come in two varieties: Left and right. The left pounding heart will affect the imp to the left of the item pot it's placed in, so don't stick it to the left. Same goes for the right pounding heart, except it affects the item pot to the right. These items will automatically give the imp it's facing 10 hunger points, so if you have a lot of these, you can easily give your imp 50 closeness per level if you feed it 50 ETC and use 5 pounding hearts.

Tips and tricks

As stated earlier, feeding it ETC is the way to go when you want to fill it up easily. But when you can't wait for it to wake up, you can use an alarm clock. Like all item pot items(Except imps) they come in left and right varieties. These alarm clocks will wake up the imp sleeping next to it after 30mins, regardless of the time left before it wakes up. The imp will level up after waking up, so you can take advantage of the immense time gain to fill it up again and gain levels quickly. Using alarm clocks every day, an imp can reach level 8 in roughly 5 days, which is pretty fast considering that without the alarm clocks, it would take 8-9 days. Note that your imp can only gain two levels per day.

Are you going away for 2-3 days? To make sure your imp doesn't die, put it to sleep as late as you can and put a jukebox(facing it) in the item pot next to it. Jukeboxes will add 3 days to the time your imp spends sleeping. While sleeping, imps do not go hungry and do not go sick, so you can travel with worrying about him(Or her, if you feel like it).

In addition to the jukebox, you can also stick a riceball next to your imp(It is my understanding you can only use one item at a time though) that will feed it the equivalent of an equipment your level(100 points) every time it goes hungry up to 12 times, meaning you have 12h of respite before it needs personal attention again. This is useful if you can't put it to sleep before you go yourself or if you need to go away for a bit to do something. It's preferable to just put it to sleep though as it lasts longer.


Thanks to IAmFear from for the list of rewards from imps
Thanks to @Nyekun for precising that all items with a level give fullness to a varying degree
Thanks to @Shadingstar for clarifying riceballs!
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Nice guide, imps tend to be confusing in the beginning.
Jul 19 2011
so where do u get food... ive been looking all over the place and i dont know where it is... i thought it would be same place as the medcine but it isnt
Jul 19 2011
riceballs is just a backup food if for example you did not log in for a long time to feed your pet after it woke up
say it wakes at 12 but your not online for a good hour
rice ball SHOULD have fed it 6 times assuming it gives a 10min break inbetween
basically just keeps your pet fed 12 times if it were to decrease fullness below 0 (delevel or death if lv 1)
Jul 19 2011
The part about getting 100 fullness from equips and 20 from etc is correct but incorrect as well. The amount of fullness you get is based on the item level. You usually get 20 and 100 because your feeding them fairly similar/close item level items. Try feeding them extremely low level items that they are willing to eat and watch them get +7 Fullness or extremely high level items like Lv120+ (Pure Gold Engines)

[url=]Here's me feeding mines a Rashs Furball. Lv97 Item[/url]

Should also add the info about clocks having cooldown.
Jul 19 2011
+10 points.. (?)

Great Guide.. Big Help... ^^ ty
Jul 19 2011
Georger Level 86 Yellonde Battle Mage 3
For the riceballs, they avoid your imp losing 100 fullness each hour when they are hungry, up to 12 times. It's like an "emergency food". Hope this helps you understand, and if it does I want credit
Jul 19 2011
Riceballs keep your imp from dying. They feed it 12 times... useful if you can't go on Maple as soon as it wakes up.
Jul 19 2011
draken Level 151 Scania Wind Archer 4
riceballs is just a backup food if for example you did not log in for a long time to feed your pet after it woke up
say it wakes at 12 but your not online for a good hour
rice ball SHOULD have fed it 6 times assuming it gives a 10min break inbetween
basically just keeps your pet fed 12 times if it were to decrease fullness below 0 (delevel or death if lv 1)[/quote]

Didn't work for me... I had a riceball facing my imp and left, it died with a riceball still at full use.
Jul 19 2011
Also, the other imp guide seems much better, (I also happen to have contributed ) includes the rewards list with percentages and all that good stuff.
Jul 19 2011
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