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Gm Scroll For Gloves Atk 100

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<3 Hey I just Got One From Golden Temple
Can i Get A Price Check on It Please In Scania
And someone would like it for Nx/Mesos Pm Me xD
Posted: July 2011 Permalink


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HipPop Level 201 Scania Jett 4
around 400m. Quick, sell it fast, its gonna deflate soon
Jul 20 2011
Is it +5 attack, or plus 3...
Jul 20 2011
there are no 5 atk glove scrolls or else there would be 45 atk wgs....[/quote]

the highest wg i have seen was 24 atk ._.
Jul 20 2011
the highest glove ive ever seen is 35 att
Jul 20 2011
TeefBlade Level 150 Scania Dark Knight
ive been buying for 200m to scroll my scgs. If you're interested trade me i'll be in FM
Jul 20 2011
what monster did you find it from?
Jul 21 2011
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