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Gm Scroll For Gloves Atk 100

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<3 Hey I just Got One From Golden Temple
Can i Get A Price Check on It Please In Scania
And someone would like it for Nx/Mesos Pm Me xD
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HipPop Level 201 Scania Jett 4
around 400m. Quick, sell it fast, its gonna deflate soon
Jul 20 2011
Is it +5 attack, or plus 3...
Jul 20 2011
there are no 5 atk glove scrolls or else there would be 45 atk wgs....[/quote]

the highest wg i have seen was 24 atk ._.
Jul 20 2011
New Screen: Starrykari
the highest glove ive ever seen is 35 att
Jul 20 2011
what monster did you find it from?
Jul 21 2011
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