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How to find Nexon ID

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OmGwDfBbQ Level 176 Bellocan Blade Recruit
Okay, since I keep getting error 11001, I did the game launcher method. I try to use my email as my login, but it says it doesnt exist.
Anyone know how can I make a Nexon ID from an already existing mail?
Posted: July 2011 Permalink


if u have error 1101 start from my computer then to disk c then to nexon file then to maplestory file then double click gamelauncher
Jul 21 2011
OmGwDfBbQ Level 176 Bellocan Blade Recruit
Nvm, i figured it out @103black, i did do that.
I guess the password cant exceed 12 digits when going through the game launcher, but you can actually log on with your email address.
Thanks anyways im closing this
Jul 21 2011

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