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Angelic Blessing Dark Angelic Blessing and WHITE

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To those who don't believe that Dark Angelic Blessing exists, it does! (In KMS it 100% does)
P.S I'm Korean lol

And just to assure all of you..
YES the Angelic Ring does drop from Triple Rumos and Master Death Teddies
YES the Dark Angelic Recipe DOES drop from Zakum and Chief Memory Guardian

and more shocking news...
WHITE ANGELIC BLESSING EXISTS (In KMS so GMS will eventually have them too)
Dark Angelic Blessing allows you to summon a Dark Angel that gives you 10 ATK and M.ATK BUT
The White Angelic Blessing allows you to summon an Arch Angel and they give you 12 ATK and M.ATK!

Sorry guys but I couldn't find the drop list for the White Angelic Blessing Recipe because it just came out THIS month THIS week for KMS..
I'll be sure to post it if I can find it =D

Thank you to the Korean Google (lol)

Looking from the comments.. I'll post the ingredients you need to make the White Angelic Blessing
- One Dark Angelic Bless Ring
- One Advanced Abrasive
- Two Wisdom Crystal
- Ten Alchemist Stone
And there are three others that i cannot translate..
But if i use google translate the result is the following..
4 shards of chaos
1 Beginning of the Integer (?)

If you feel you can translate better than me then I will post the link to the site that has the ingredients on

The ingredients is the words that has numbers at the end and the 2 i cannot translate is the last one and the second to last one

I'll be investigating more on this topic in KMS
Thanks to the Korean "Google", ^^
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Yay now I can afford a angelic ring...I hope
Jul 22 2011
I can't read Korean, but that looks believable! I hope when that comes out, other Angelic Rings will drop in price. ^^
Jul 22 2011
DAB exists in GMS.
Jul 22 2011
is white anglic recipe out in gms if so where in the ellin forest?
Jul 22 2011
we all knew it existed in kms, the problem was that it had never been documented as dropping in kms, all the DAB rings could be traced back to the original event. in gms, no such event exists, but the recipes are floating around, so we know that it drops, but we've yet to see screenshots, for some reason.

anyhow, the WAB ring was released alongside other god-tier items that are, by design, extremely difficult to make. the WAB ring lists a DAB ring in the ingredients to craft it. there's also a pendant that lists a Chaos Horntail Pendant as an ingredient too.
Jul 22 2011
unnecessary Level 163 Bellocan Mechanic 4
But dont you need a DAB Ring to make a WAB Ring?
Jul 22 2011
I have added the ingredients needed for the White Angelic Blessing Ring
Jul 22 2011
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