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Jul 26 11
Bera Shadower
In this thread, you can ask a Shadower a question about anything. You can also find an FAQ located below!


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Table of Contents

When clicking links, Basil may be slow to load, so please give it a couple of moments to jump to the correct place. The links will open a new tab.
Note that the links may or may not work in BasilMobile.

Table of Contents
How to use this threadIT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you read this if this is your first time here.
Random Notes
Does my question belong in this thread?
Where can I get my Mastery Books?
P/C on this item please!
What is a good endgame weapon?
How should I improve my damage?
UA Shadower or regular?
Can a normal Shadower get Vampire?
What skill build should I follow?
What skill combos should you use?
How can you make money?
What range can you solo Zakum with?
Is your damage range OK?
What's better for your range?
What free Special Mastery Book should you get?
Are mangoes good?

How to use this thread

This thread contains many different things that can help you out in your daily Rogue/Bandit/Chief Bandit/Shadower life.

Asking and answering questions
If you're looking to have a question answered, first and foremost, to avoid asking the same question over and over and over and over and over and [...] and over, please check the Table of Contents to check if your question has been answered already.

The FAQ itself is linked in the Table of Contents, and any questions answered in the FAQ are also linked but with a bullet-point to indent.

If the question you wish to ask is not in the FAQ, please continue reading this.

Should you make a brand new thread or just post in this thread to get your question answered?
See the Table of Contents -> FAQ -> appropriate link
When asking a question, be sure to provide as much information as possible. Frequently, questions are unanswerable

Anyone who believes they can answer a question should feel free to do so. Anyone who believes they have something to add to the contents of this thread should also do so.

If you have any questions about bossing, tag ksidirt in the post with your question in it: ksidirt

Random notes

Cooking tip: BasilMarket MOBILE is online more often than regular ol' basilmarket.com - it's often up even when the normal site is offline.

Check out this thread debunking some popular and common myths.

A facebook group of Basil's Shadower community. (No, it doesn't show up on your wall)

Details on all the changes to Shadowers that are made in Justice.

Interesting in reading? READ!
This may take a while to load, it's a lot of text.


Q: Does my question belong in this thread or should I make an entirely new thread?

A: This depends entirely on the type of question you're asking. If you're asking a question that can be answered satisfactorily by one person or if the question targets a specific person, the question belongs in this thread (or in PMs, if the second and you so wish, it doesn't really matter).

Examples: How many monsters does B-Step hit? How long should I take to solo Zakum with a 17k range and 20% Boss? Why does Taunt suck?

If the question is targeted towards the entire Shadower community, i.e., you want to take a poll or are asking for everyone's opinions, or wish to foster discussion around a certain topic, the question should be posted as a new thread. The reason is that only a select group of Shadowers return here frequently to answer questions, so if you're trying to get a large variety of answers, that's not going to happen in this thread.

Examples: What do y'all think of Band of Thieves? Do Shadowers look sexier with or without a Dragon Khanjar? Does j0s3a4d suck at flirting?

Q: Where do I get BS20/30/any other specific mastery book?

A: The FM. No monsters drop specific mastery books anymore; the only way you're going to get the book you want is to use Mystery Mastery Books (~.5% chance to get the book you want) or buy them from the FM.

Q: Price check on this item please!

A: Basil actually has a merchanting forum in which people more familiar with prices browse more often than in this forum.

Q: What is this nonsense about STR and LUK Shads?

A: In them olden days, Shadowers used to be differentiated on whether or not they added STR to equip STR daggers/shields. Nowadays, the actual build doesn't matter too much, since the STR to equip a Pescas/Dragon Khanjar is really easy to get, even with 4 base STR.
Long story short: Every Shad nowadays is a STR shad, and don't add points into STR, even if you plan on equipping STR items.

Note that secondary (DEX) and tertiary (STR) stat requirements were removed with the "Prelude to Tempest" update in late November. However, items not present in KMS such as Dragon and normal Khanjars did not have these stat requirements removed.

See the below questions for more info on stat capping!

Q: Where should I cap my DEX/STR in order to wear STR equips?

A: Cap STR at 4. Don't raise it. The reasoning behind that is simple; in recent times, we've gotten so many +stat equips added into the game that it's extremely easy to raise your total STR from 4 to 75.

On the other hand, capping DEX still depends on you and your personal situation. There are two things you need to take into consideration: are you going to stick with your Shadower through thick and thin, and how much funding do you have? If the answer to the first question is "yes," then by all means cap very low, from 4-30. Getting the DEX requirements can take some patience. Here are a few notes:

Event full AP resets allows you to reset DEX to 4. UAs are made with 4 base DEX.

I highly recommend that you cap at 25 or 4 no matter what level of funding you are at, but if you do not believe you can achieve that, refer to below.

Suggested capping:
No/low funding (less than 100m): ~40 DEX.
Average funding (100-500m): 25-40 DEX
Anything above that: 4-25 DEX

Always cap at or below the recommended DEX for your funding level. Never cap over, because capping over is much harder to rectify than capping under.

Again, note that no equips except Dragon and normal Khanjars require DEX or STR anymore.

Q: So now I know where to cap, how do I get extra DEX and STR and stuff?

A: Simple. Equips and skills!

Note that the items in the following list are either best case or near best case, so if you can't get some of the items listed, don't sweat. Ways to get some of the items can be found under the "How can I build up my range?" question.

Hat - Zhelm (15 Allstats), Scar/Tar (15-17 Allstats) or cZhelm (21 Allstats)
Pendant - MoN(5 Allstats), HTP(22), or cHTP(25)
Top - (Event shops usually come out with Armor DEX scrolls, which you can use to scroll helmets, tops, bottoms, and shoes; however, even clean tops usually come with some DEX as well) (0~10)
Cape - scrolled with DEX (~5-10)
Mask - either event mask or Reverse DB Mask (~3-7)
Shoes - (Event shops usually come out with Armor DEX scrolls, which you can use to scroll helmets, tops, bottoms, and shoes; however, even clean shoes usually come with some DEX) (0~10)
Bottom - (Event shops usually come out with Armor DEX scrolls, which you can use to scroll helmets, tops, bottoms, and shoes; however, even clean bottoms usually come with some DEX) (0~10)
Gloves - scrolled with ATT (0~5)
Medal - Silent Crusade Champion (5 Allstats)
Eye Accessory - Kenta's Goggles (5 Allstats)
Ring 1 - Evolving Ring I 17 (7 Allstats)*
Ring 2 - Evolving Ring II 17 (7 Allstats)*
Ring 3 - Evolving Ring III 10 (10 Allstats)*
Ring 4 - Rising Sun Ring (6 Allstats), Legendary Gratias Ring (6 Allstats), Dark Angelic Blessing Ring (5 Allstats)*
Shoulder (1-10). Recommended: Veteran Cross Shoulder (1 Allstats, recommended to be scrolled a bit for more stats) or a Pauldron (1-10 of any stat).
Codex - (1-7) Level that sucker up by collecting sets! Pretty easy to get 5-6 Allstats.
Belt - (5-15). (Event shops usually come out with Accessory DEX scrolls, which you can use to scroll belts; however, even clean crafted belts can come with some DEX)
Earrings - (0-10). You can scroll them with DEX; Rex and Gold Emerald Earrings are the only ones that come clean with DEX, I believe.
Pocket item - (1-5). Recommended: Gallant Battle Manual <Practice>. Note that this is pretty hard to obtain and you need level 30 Charm to equip a pocket item anyways.

*These rings all run for quite a bit of money each, so it is suggested to get them slowly. You can replace these rings with a variety of DEX Rings that you can make through the Jewelcrafting profession.

Stat increasing SKILLS:
Cannoneer Link skill (+15 allstats), get this by leveling up a Cannoneer to 70 and linking it to your Shadower.
Will of the Alliance (+5 allstats), quest to obtain available upon level 70 (?)
Physical Training (+30 DEX/LUK, we get this in the revamp)

More info:

rabbithole: Seeing as there are a lot of dexless build questions, may I suggest a few pointers coming from experience?

A few starting points on scrolling for dex
- Potential scroll first then scroll. Obviously.
- Scroll from least expensive (earrings) to most expensive (helm). This gives more dex faster for less money.
- Craft a dex belt. The level 100 belt is +7 dex. Use 100% dex belt scrolls for +3 more dex.
- Craft Dexterity Rings (+4 dex?).
- Pass a shoe jump 10% on the first slot. 60% the rest. If it has +dex stat potential, even better. Shoe dex scrolls are not the same.
- Do the same with earring. Self-crafted half earrings work nicely. Disassemble Nimble Ring II's for Intermediate Crystals.
- Scroll bottomwear for dex. 10% the first slot if you want.
- Only Armor for dex works on tops (not Overall for Dex). It's too rare and expensive. Scroll for LUK instead.
- Collect some card sets! Edelstein, Rien, Hoblin PQ, and Dead Mine sets are easy to get.
- HTP helps a lot. Maybe you can even arrange to pay with a few SOK's instead of mesos. I suggest 3 line HTP if you plan to cube. A 2 line only benefits if you use one Premium Cube or else it might've just been cheaper to have gifted one more SOK.

It's best to go DEXless and use DEXless daggers such as Maple Daggers until level ~70-90 even if you plan on adding some AP into DEX. Don't worry about it until then!

Q: What is a good endgame weapon?

A: An endgame weapon is something that you won't replace any time soon; the idea is that it's literally the weapon you will end your experience with the game with. As such, you'd want a perfected (meaning scrolled with GM scrolls, 10%'s, 30%'s, 20% anniversary scrolls, or 50%'s) dagger, usually a Halphas, Von Leon, or Raven Horn Chaser dagger. The dagger would then be cubed to a satisfactory amount of % Boss or other potentials.

For less funded Shadowers, any dagger with 150+ ATK should hold you for quite a while.

The best endgame potentials are as follows, from best to worst:
+Boss Damage (percentage)
+Ignore Defense (percentage) note: for most bosses, I'm told that Ignore isn't as helpful as % Boss past 40% (and you get a 20% passive with maxed Shadower Instinct)
+% Total Damage/ATK (percentage)
+W. ATK (integer)

The same list applies to nebulites.

% ATK and % Total DMG are effectively the same. Anyone telling you otherwise is stupid or misinformed. Want proof?

Q: How do I improve my damage?

*still under construction for those in different circumstances*

A: For level 80-120+ characters first starting out:
The items you'll want to get are as follows (because they're the cheapest): 2-3% LUK shoes, 3% LUK earrings, 2-3% LUK Belts, 2% LUK Top (it is recommended that you craft your own Khaki Shadow), 2% LUK Bottom (it is recommended that you craft your own Khaki Shadow Pants)

For a dagger, if you don't have that much money to spend, but can equip any of the following, you should aim for a Cursayer, Blood Dagger, or Gold Double Knife, which you can 100% scroll and land one or two Enhances on for a decent "welfare dagger."

Because the helms that you want (specifically, a Zakum Helmet, a Chaos Zakum Helmet, or a Scarlion/Targa Hat) require Scissors or Platinum Scissors of Karma to trade, it's best if you can find a couple of friends that can take you along on a run to get the helm for you.

For a pendant, the best is a Mark of Naricain (a drop from the four bosses of Crimsonwood Keep PQ), which you should ask your guild or friends about.

For a ring, if you cannot afford others, you should get a Gold Platinum Cross Ring from the Silent Crusade quests. You can craft other +stat rings through the use of the Jewelcrafting profession.

The medal from the Silent Crusade quests is called Silent Crusade Champion and is one of the best medals you can get, also the best that is currently available.

For a face accessory, you should aim at getting Spiegelmann's Mustache, which can be traded for Monster Park Coins from the Monster Park.

The recommended eye accessory is Michael's Glasses, which can be obtained by killing Xerxes in Chryse PQ, available until level 75. The best choice is Kenta's Goggles, which you can get by collecting 100 Pianus Scales through Kenta PQ, available at levels above 120.

For a Shield, your best bet is a Khanjar, available from the bonus of Crimsonwood Keep PQ (albeit at a low rate that makes it not worth trying to farm). Since lots of people CWKPQ very frequently, Khanjar prices are usually around 10-15m, so it won't put a HUGE dent in your pocket money.

Q: I'm considering making a UA Shadower. Should I make one over a normal Shadower?

A: It's ultimately up to you, but most UAs and regular Shadowers will definitely recommend a UA. Let's take a look.

Vampire cuts down potion use when training and adds a crapload of survivability during pot locked bosses, especially post-revamp due to the removal of Chakra.
UAs start out with a decent medal that will last you until you can get a better one (Silent Crusade and whatnot)
UAs start out with a decent set.
UAs start out with 4 base DEX, eliminating the need for a full AP reset.

UAs start out with less inventory space

Conclusion: it's recommended that if you don't already have a Shadower, make it a UA. You should already have a CK at level 120 for Blessing of the Empress anyways.

Q: Is there a way to get Vampire as a normal Thief?

A: For hunting dews, I recommend picking a map and jump around the map spamming either BoT or Steal. Other information provided below.

rabbithole: Bit of info on getting Vampire as a regular explorer thief

Talk to the job instructor in Kerning to activate quest. There are two parts, 20 Lunar Dews once and 10 Nameless Darkness per level of Vampire. I seriously recommend Pet Loot for mindless killing/looting and a Big Spider or Mutant Pig familiar to greatly increase drop rate. Each time you change channels, you must re-summon your Familiar If you use a Lucky Winter (~+2x drop), don't use a Familiar. It will cancel the Winter buff.

20 Lunar Dews : This is to equip items 10 levels earlier. When you're done, go to Empress Cygnus in Ereve. See Eckhart to activate the next part.
- Locations: Desert Rabbit (M) or Desert Rabbit (F). Desert Rabbit (M) has small and flat map. (F) drops a cloverleaf which sort of looks like the dew.

Nameless Darkness : Vampire. Talk to Eckhart to activate Power of the Spirit of Darkness. You'll need 10 Nameless Darkness per level. After 10, go back to Eckhart to turn it in.

Level 1 :Ultra Grays or Poison Poopas. I went with Grays to mindlessly kill on a flat map. There's two spots that hides drops. For Grays, Boswell Field IV > Middle portal of map is the best.
Level 2 : Blue Flower Serpents or Cube Slime. Both require climbing. Cube Slime has more mobs. I chose Slimes.
Level 3 : Panda or Reinforced Mithril Mutae. Both are decent. Note: Mutae has spots that hides drops.
Level 4 : Bonefish or Master Soul Teddy. Master Soul Teddies are mixed in with regular Soul Teddies. Go to Bonefish.
Level 5 : Hankies or Gold Slime. Gold Slime is awful. Just don't.

Times (familiar drop rate not included):
Lunar Dews - 10 hours (4x drop) + 6 hours (2x) = 16 hours -> equivalent to 52 hours on 1x
Nameless Darkness 1 : 6 hours (4x) + 2 hours (3x) = 8 hours -> equivalent to 30 hours on 1x
Nameless Darkness 2 : 2 hours (1x) - ongoing (got lazy)

Trial two:
Lunar Dews: 1 hour (2x drop) + 4 hour (8x drop) + 4 hours (4x drop) + 30 minutes (2x drop) -> equivalent to 51 hours on 1x drop
Vampire level 1: 7 hours and 45 minutes (4x drop) -> equivalent to 31 hours on 1x drop

My superstitious rituals
I moved to the next channel as soon as a quest item dropped. If it dropped in channel 16, I moved to channel 17. If nothing dropped after 1 to 1.5 hours, I moved to another channel (rarely next one, mostly not). If a quest item wouldn't drop in a low number channel like 7, I switched to a high number channel like 18. Call it superstition, but it usually worked. Best record was 5 dews in 4 hours (4x drop). Average was one dew and one darkness per hour.

I'll update this as (or if...) I unlock each Vamp. I have heard that each level gets easier though.

Looks like someone else on Southperry did the Soul Driver quest as well: link.
A fellow Basiler getting Vampire: link. His times were pretty similar to mine as well.

Q: Help! What skills should I max?

A: Check out this neat little stickied guide: click!

Q: What skills do I use for what?

A: Lolspellheim sucks. Don't use it unless you're gathering mobs. In mobs, use Midnight Carnival+Boomerang Step to generate coins, then explode whenever possible.

For Zakum arms, it is recommended that you stand in the area highlighted and jumpcast BS alone. That will hit all six lower arms, and you can finish off the top two arms with Assassinate or Midnight Carnival or whatever.

For 1v1, here ya go. Make sure that you know your effective range when using the chart.

Q: How can I make some money as a Shadower?

A: There are a lot of ways to make money as a Shadower, including but not limited to:
-Boss runs. Pick up items dropped from the boss and sell them.
-Farming items. You can grind for hours at a certain monster in hopes of getting a certain item. Note that there's an anti-botting system in place that decreases the chance of item drops for every level you're above the monster.
-Professions. There are various ways to make money using professions, but mostly people just mine and sell the ores (Mining Profession). Some people also smelt the ores they get from mining into plates or jewels and sell those instead of the ores (once again, Mining Profession). Many people also fuse equips, since equips that are fused have a high rate of coming out as hidden potential. If you reveal these, you might get lucky and have % stat on the item, which you can then sell for a nice amount of mesos (Alchemy Profession). Some people make armor, although I don't think it's too profitable (Smithing profession). Items such as pendants, rings, shoulderpads, face accessories, and earrings can be made as well, but once again, it's not too profitable (Jewelcrafting profession).
-Simply pick up mesos when you grind. A lot of people fail to realize how many mesos they're not gaining because they're too lazy to pick up mesos dropped by monsters. You can probably get a couple mil an hour while grinding just by looting mesos.
-There are several guides on quests that can return money or items worth a nice amount of mesos.
-Doseeeee recommends that you pick up a 10k nx card and somehow convert the nx to mesos to get started.
Normal quests. Exchange quests (you can do these more than once, but most don't exist anymore).[/i]

Q: With what range do I need to solo Zakum?

A: 10k range, in most cases, should be sufficient to finish under the timer.


A: We have a stickied thread for damage ranges.

What's better for your damage range?

A: Since you people keep giving insufficient information, use this damage calculator to see for yourself (made by inemnitable ).

What free Special Mastery Book should you get?

A: Dagger Expert. If you don't need that, Boomerang Step.

Q: Are mangoes good?

A: What are you, insane? Of course they are.

More may be added. Keep your eyes peeled! (Or not, that's disgusting. Why would you peel your eyes. Disgusting.)

Contributers. Thanks to these people for taking time to answer others' questions!

Doseeeee: (huge props to this kid for helping with some of the parts of the FAQ!)
xVolcomStone: (BuzzBladez is god!)
inemnitable: The coolest person evar.

Don't forget to press the "like" button below if you found this thread helpful!

New MapleStory Screen: Mrtouchngo's disapproval face
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Jul 26 11
Bellocan Bandit
What is the price of a karmed Zhelm in the fm?
Jul 26 11*
Bera Shadower
danyx: I started to max venom, but do you suggest me to conitnue or to max something else (not nate, i don't find it useful)?

What skills have you maxed thus far? Or, actually, what's your entire skill spread so far?

punchxy8001: What is the price of a karmed Zhelm in the fm?

Really really, it depends on the price of NX in your server. It should be around Price of SOK * 1.3 or so.
New MapleStory Screen: Mrtouchngo's disapproval face
Jul 26 11
Windia Shadower
At what lv can assassinate hit damage cap or most likely? Mines currently lv 22 and hits 500k tops
New MapleStory Screen: Revelation~ New MapleStory Video: Shadower 2min 1 sec zak solo
Jul 26 11
Bera Shadower
rhenXD: At what lv can assassinate hit damage cap or most likely? Mines currently lv 22 and hits 500k tops

Dunno! I only have level 21 so far with a 6 second charge
But fully buffed (MW30, energizer, Bless, SE) I can hit 800k's, so with a 15k range and max Nate, I think you should be able to hit cap.
New MapleStory Screen: Mrtouchngo's disapproval face
Jul 26 11
Bellocan Bandit
Really really, it depends on the price of NX in your server. It should be around Price of SOK * 1.3 or so.

How about a general range for Zhelm prices? It should be somewhat close across the servers because of MTS.
Jul 26 11
Bera Shadower
punchxy8001: Really really, it depends on the price of NX in your server. It should be around Price of SOK * 1.3 or so.

How about a general range for Zhelm prices? It should be somewhat close across the servers because of MTS.

It's ~150m in Bera, in Bellocan, I think the NX prices are lower, so it might be 110-120m. The best way to know is to just surf around the FM.
New MapleStory Screen: Mrtouchngo's disapproval face
Jul 26 11
You only need like 13k range and max nate to hit cap.
First time I hit cap was actually when I had 12.4k range
Jul 26 11
Broa Mercedes 4
Whats a good attack for an end game dagger? Making a shad later today, unbanned in 7 hours exactly =D
Jul 26 11
Broa Phantom 4
MrTouchnGo i have maxed BS and MM, lvl 10 SS (and 20 unused SP that i'm saving to max right away SS, unless you give me a better option) lvl 1 assasinate and smoke and lvl 3 venom
New MapleStory Screen: Lvl'ing to 200 like in the old times New MapleStory Video: KMS 1.2.171--lvl 200 Mercedes soloed Zakum in 20s
Jul 26 11
Bera Shadower
roy98blue: You only need like 13k range and max nate to hit cap.
First time I hit cap was actually when I had 12.4k range

Sweet! In 3 levels I should be able to hit cap without all those buffs then!

Ritz2610: Whats a good attack for an end game dagger? Making a shad later today, unbanned in 7 hours exactly =D

Gratz on getting unbanned, LOL.
I think 135+ is a good endgame, but if you can fund yourself further, a 100% GM'd dagger or a 20% + protection would be best!
New MapleStory Screen: Mrtouchngo's disapproval face
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