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Jul 27 11
Your EPIC, AWSOMESAUCALISIOUS, and EPIC if you can answer this.
Iv made this thread about 541646 times and no real answer.. >.>
If you can answer this, i will LITERLY prank call my school and say a giant pickle from neptune is now out to destroy the building. Evacuate ASAP!

Okay, ermm... now where was I..
oh yeah,

I recently downloaded Maplestory on my new PC recently, as it was finished, i got this message here :
Iv tried just about EVERYTHINGGG... (Gamelauncher.exe and all that)
when i use Gamelauncher, i get this
Anyone kno how to fix this?
BTW i run on Windows XP 32bit if you need that info.

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Jul 27 11
Just re-download MS.
If you've done that before, upgrade to Vista or Win7.
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Jul 27 11
try installing every1 of ur drivers + frameworks
Jul 27 11
What I did is find a new Gameguard file, download it, delete the old one, and replace it with the new one cause someone told me the old one was corrupted or something
Jul 27 11
Ok Goto ur maple folder and Right click Maplestory.exe and click Make Shortcut click properties and type with no quotes "C:NexonMapleStoryMapleStory.exe GameLaunching" in the Target Section.
It sounds retarded i know. BUT IT WORKS.
Jul 27 11
SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME. but my friends dad came over and set my computer back in time when it was working and then it worked
Jul 27 11
aldo3d: probably its your videocard...upgrade it or buy a better one
redclaw202: Try upgrading to Windows Vista...

Don't try to answer if you don't know what you are talking about...

On topic: The error code probably means that HackShield is having a problem starting up. It might be the case with your anti-virus program blocking HackShield. Try pausing the anti-virus first.

Also, make a CLEAN uninstallation. That means uninstalling Maple and deleting the Nexon folder.
Jul 27 11
Xp is old.... maybe thats the reason. i have vista and it works then one day it didnt so i got 7 and works. Go to a computer store that fix computers and ask them to install 7. its like $5. but if u buy it ur own idk how much.
Jul 27 11
Bera Bishop
Jul 27 11
use internet explorer to download maplestory.
if you're using anything else, it won't work.
Jul 27 11*
Broa Beginner
1. Windows XP sucks. Upgrade if you can.
2. Maunually update your HackShield. Here's how:

-Go to your maplestory folder.
-open the HShield
-doubleclick "HSUpdate.exe
-the splash screen for hackshield should appear. Let it run.
-go back to your HShield folder and open up the "Update" folder
-double click on "autoup.exe"
-click on "start update"
-repeat until you get the message "all files have been updated"

Try this and tell me if it works.

Also, you better deliver on that giant pickle from Neptune thing.
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