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Jul 30 11
Bellocan I/L Wizard
So i had some leftover nx and though what the hell and bought a microwave. I got a goddess hair coupon (f) whose description says change your hairstyle to goddess by doubleclicking. the item itself seems tradeable and doesn't have an expiration date and i'm wondering how much it would be worth because i have never seen something like this in the fm
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Aug 01 11
Windia Bishop
I just saw it in a shop for 400 mill
Aug 01 11
Bellocan Blaze Wizard 2
You should give it to meeeeeee
Aug 01 11
Broa Demon Slayer 4
try using it on a male and see what happens
Aug 01 11
Windia Night Walker 3
Wonder what it looks like O:

... on a male!
MapleStory Screen: Cannon shooter! :d
Aug 01 11
Scania Blade Master
What does it look like?
Aug 01 11
Broa Bishop
Decadence Guild
It gives a black ballroom classic, which is also a VIP hairstyle from Amoria.
Aug 01 11
Yellonde Night Lord
Wow thats lame
Aug 01 11
DemethosGMS Blade Recruit
Use it on your hair Good idea guys.
Aug 01 11
Arcania Phantom 4
SeaCake: Wonder what it looks like O:

... on a male!

It'll make you look like the Old Spice Guy
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