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decent skills glitch

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lordpentt Level 176 Bellocan Corsair
so everyone's talking about a glitch in pvp that you use on decent skill eqps, but i dont know what the glitch is... X.X

can any1 explain it plz?
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@iLovetheMesos: the glitch is when u buy a rental skill like hb bottom..u go into pvp and wear the bottom and take it off the skill will become perm...[/quote]

This is going to be mass abused. A rollback or plethora of bans is eminent
Jul 31 2011
@OP Yes, it becomes a skill you can continuously a regular skill
Jul 31 2011
@above No >_> You wear it before you go in, put the skill on a key, enter PvP and then log off after taking them off.[/quote]

nop. u dont log off lol.. u just press exit map (which is located where the CS button usually is).
u can theoretically log off if u really want to waste the time but meh.. the glitch really is that if u take off a "decent skill" item
in the PVP area then the skill stays permanantly.
Jul 31 2011
corey0805 Level 178 Demethos Shadower
no its u wear decent thing put it on hotkey go in pvp wear diferent of tht clothng log off then bam u ahev it permanently
Jul 31 2011
iLovetheMesos Level 183 Scania Buccaneer
ah man i need hb real bad man any1 wanna give it to me for free?;o i really need it and i cant afford cus im a poor butt!
Jul 31 2011
ksidirt Level 191 Bera Phantom 4
Its great. Got me HB, SE, and Mystic Door. I doubt there will be any bans and there's no way a rollback will occur.
Its not being abused that much because you usually need to have about 3bil in collateral. Majority of Maplers don't even have a bil.
Jul 31 2011
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lordpentt Level 176 Bellocan Corsair

they sholuld patch it or something....
Jul 31 2011
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