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How to get Phantom Blow

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Whats the easiest way to get phantom blow skill buying or zaking? If buying how much would it cost and if zaking Does anyone know where to get a free or cheap run in scania?
Posted: July 2011 Permalink


personally i bought mine in bera for 180m soked
Jul 31 2011
iCursedDB Level 200 Khaini Blade Master
just buy it. trust me, it's better.
i've done 20ish runs and still didn't get my PB.

the average drop rate is 1PB/15RUNS though.
Jul 31 2011
HiddenBlood Level 203 Scania Blade Master
fm 200 mil scania
Jul 31 2011
MeerCats Level 183 Scania Demon Avenger 4
Kill Zakum. Drops about every other run for me
Jul 31 2011
aw man i only have 117m
Jul 31 2011
I saw one around 150m.
Jul 31 2011
if u only have 117m then u gotta zak. get ur db to lv 120 first n add a few pts to blade fury and go zak, u dont rly have to buy a run if ur decent lvl
Jul 31 2011
I have one in Broa, I originally had chains of hell as the skillbook, but then i noticed on my mule that it became phantom blow 10, i was like YES I WIN @ ze life
Jul 31 2011

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