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can permanent cash item be transfered to other character with the same category (adventurer)?
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Yes it can.
Jul 31 2011
Ryanrulz Level 62 Windia Kaiser 2
Jul 31 2011
yes, as long as u don't use it
Jul 31 2011
Tigerzeps Level 145 Zenith Aran 4
yes, as long as u don't use it [/quote]

Wait what?
Jul 31 2011
EasyEasyEasy Level 200 Khaini Night Lord
Uh, false? I have a bunch of perma NX. And have equipped it of course, and am still perfectly able to switch it between my characters.[/quote]
This is MSEA, unless u play MSEA o_o...
Jul 31 2011
pulpit Level 171 Bootes Dark Knight
basically you can move between inventory and cash inventory. but once you equip/use it, it's buh-bye, you cannot move it/ use it on another char (not sure which is the case, will test later)[/quote]

Nope. I could still transfer cash equipment and use it.
Jul 31 2011
oh, it is possible, though AS said it is not. No surprise though
Jul 31 2011
It is only possible to transfer among adventurers. KoCs can't transfer to another KoC, Arans cannnot transfer to another Aran, etc.
Aug 01 2011
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