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Price Check on Scrolls in Windia

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Aug 01 11
Windia Ranger
If you could tell me how much any of the following scrolls are worth, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

Scroll for Shield for STR 10%: STR +3
Scroll for Shoes for DEX 10%: Avoidability +100 Accuracy +60 Movement Speed +1
Scroll for Earring for INT 10%: Magic ATK +5 INT +3 Magic DEF +10
Scroll for Helmet for HP 10%: Max HP +100
Scroll for Shoes for Jump 10%: Jump +5 DEX +3 Speed +1
Scroll for One-handed BW for ATK 60%: Weapon ATK +2 STR +1
Scroll for Cape for STR 60%: STR +2
Scroll for Bottomwear for DEX 60%: DEX +2 Accuracy +20
Scroll for Helmet for HP 60%: Max HP +40
Scroll for Overall Armor for DEX for 10%: DEX +5 Accuracy +60 Movement Speed +1
Scroll for Gloves for ATK 10%: Weapon ATK +3
Dark Scroll for Cape for LUK 30%: LUK +3

Thanks again.
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Aug 01 11
Windia Bandit
:/ uugh ""
not much for any of those really besides overall dex, cape for str, gloves for att, cape for luk, earring int 10%
Earring for int 10% - 2-3m
Cape for luk 30% - 3-5m
gloves for att 10% - 2-4m
overall dex 10% - 2-3m
cape for str 60% - 5m
Everything else is 1-2m.
Hope I helped.
Aug 01 11
Windia Ranger
Thanks. ^^
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