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Angelic Dark Angelic White Angelic Blessing

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Aug 02 11
Everyone knows about the Angelic Blessing, fairly common, gives a nasty effect, and a nice buff of +5 WEP/MAG ATT. Then there's the "Second Generation" of the ring known as the Dark Angelic Blessing, extremely rare, (I've only come across one recipe in GMS), gives an even crazier animation and gives an outrageous buff of +10 WEP/MAG ATT. But then... there's the "Third Generation" and Ultimate Version of the Angelic Ring series known as the White Angelic Blessing. I known this ring is real, does not currently exist in GMS yet, but I do know this ring is not a fake. I was just wondering, for those who are a little more informed, I was wondering if anyone knew the stats on this legendary ring? Does it give an even crazier effect? Anything? Just a shot in the dark, but does it give maybe +15 WEP/MAG ATT? Any help would be greatly appreciated.(:

P.S. For all those saying DAB does not exist in MapleStory in any version, it does currently exist in KMS. Not just the recipe, but the actual ring itself.
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Aug 02 11
uhm i dont remember where i found the info, but i remember the white angelic blessing gives 12 atk buff . Correct me if im wrong
Aug 02 11*
I heard somewhere that the White Angelic ring gives +12 Att/MAtt.
Not sure if true.
EDIT: Pretty much what the guy above me said.
Aug 02 11
I would love to see a picture LOL

Oh and to answer your question, never heard of it o-o
Aug 02 11*
Broa Mechanic 4
+10 stats, 150 HP/MP, 12 attack/m.attack buff.

Picture of it.
Aug 02 11
Scania Blade Master
TripleBladez: +10 stats, 150 HP/MP, 12 attack/m.attack buff.

Picture of it.

aww.. Ninja'd
MapleStory Screen: 200 dual blade range - 255,820-284,244 MapleStory Video: SilvaLau's Post Unleashed Equipment
Aug 02 11
omgosh. holy moley. look at that bossin' ringggggg. dang. so legit.
Aug 02 11
Neat! Will looking forward to collecting them all because they stack .
Aug 02 11
Scania Hero
Wait they have different animations? :o
Ss plox
Aug 02 11
Dark Angelic Exists in GMS

I would post SS but im too lazy.
Go to Broa look up Stifie he wearing one.
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