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Can You Change Androids Appearance

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Aug 03 11
Scania Corsair
So yeah, it doesn't look nice and how can i change it o_o.
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Aug 03 11
Scania Bow Master
Roy8484: So yeah, it doesn't look nice and how can i change it o_o.

If you mean hair/eyes there should be a separate stylist/surgeon in the Henesys salon/surgeon. I'm assuming the same applies to skin. As for clothes, it wears the clothes you give it. So, your NX clothing.
Aug 03 11
Windia Dark Knight
you can change the hair and eyes at the henesys hair salon, theres an android beautcician there. it requires normal vip/exp coupons from cs, but you can pick any hair with the VIP option, even exp hairs.
Aug 03 11
Scania Bishop
more ways for nexon to make money
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