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Normal and dekuxe android appearance

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nickachu06 Level 139 Zenith Evan 9th Growth
Anyone care to post what possible hair / eyes a normal and deluxe android can get? I want to get a deluxe one with a crystal heart, but I'm thinking it's not worth the grind anymore, unless deluxe androids get every since good hair / eyes. e_e;
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What do androids do though?
I'm still confused.. ._.[/quote]

Look Pro.

Scroll the Heart every 2 weeks for a small boost. Any scrolls work so you could just toss 100% scrolls on it.
Aug 03 2011
Android just follows you around like a stalker. The heart can be scrolled with attack but will have to be replaced every two weeks. So usually its a +3 gun 100% for attack on it for 3 att bonus every two weeks if you wish to replace it. Your android must have a heart to appear in game beside you.
Aug 03 2011
@above there're like pets, only creepier
You can dress them up w/ NX and change theirs eyes and stuff. The only good part about them is their "heart" can be scrolled, but the heart expires
EDIT: ninja'ed real bad
Aug 03 2011
Deluxe Version have like a Black white Maid Butler type of suit instead of blue.
And there like Ear thingy is smexier. XD
Aug 03 2011
SmashDragoon Level 106 Scania Crusader
Androids follow you, they wink or smile at you whenever you leave the cash shop, MTS, log in or change channels. Whenever you level up, they'll say something like, "Amazing!" You say commands that makes them do faces. They can wear your own NX clothes, you can change their eyes and hair to ANY hair in the game (besides the royal hair and eyes). As well, as some people have already stated, you can scroll the heart with any scroll as you please. Here's a screen shot of my android that I took a week or two ago. I changed it's hair to that exp hair by using a VIP coupon, it still has the same eyes as before anyways.
Aug 03 2011
nickachu06 Level 139 Zenith Evan 9th Growth
Yeah but I heard deluxe androids get better / more hair and eye choices. I kinda wanna see what they get :l
Aug 03 2011
icup963 Level 69 Scania Beginner
My friend has the deluxe android (F) don't know how he got it but I want it from him
Aug 09 2011
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