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Chaos Horntail Pendant Questions

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Aug 03 11
Zenith Blade Lord
Can CHTP's be potentialed? Also, can they be scrolled with the egg thingy used to upgrade horntail pendants? I want to see how much this thing would be worth. I know in the description, it doesn't have any slots but I was told if you use an egg on it the slots would appear.
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Aug 03 11
Scania Paladin
It's not like you'll need to know anyways.
Aug 03 11
KradiaGMS Night Lord
Gacha Chtp : No

Real Chtp : Yes it can be potted and it's worth more than most people can afford.
Aug 03 11
Zenith Blade Lord
So I can't Pot my chtp? darn, I guess I won't sell it then.
Aug 07 11*
Khaini Bow Master
That gacha chtp is pathetic anyway.
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