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Aug 04 11
Windia Assassin
What do you think are the best spots for selling items in the FM? I've heard many mixed answers ranging from people saying 1-6 are the best to 1-6 being the worst. Personally I think it's 3-6 being the best and then 7, 13, 18 and the rest in numerical order. Although I've also heard that some people hate the perion row for some reason.
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Aug 04 11
Scania Aran 4
i find the best spots to be 7-12 because barely any ppl check 1-6 due to them being OP
14-18 wen ur desperate
this is for scania anyways
Aug 04 11
Bera Paladin
Ch3 fm1 is boss.
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Aug 04 11
Windia Assassin
lig3tfear: Ch3 fm1 is boss.

Aug 04 11
Scania Night Lord
FM 4-6 are actually very quiet if you open a shop there
FM7 and 13 are good
and then FM1 of every channel
Aug 04 11
Renegades Shadower
Every first portal.
Aug 04 11
Bera Phantom 4
FM 2-6
FM 7-8
FM 13-14
FM 18-19
But pretty much any door spot that's not in the ludi FM's are decent.
Aug 04 11
Bellocan I/L Arch Mage
2-7, 18 and 22.
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Aug 04 11
Scania Brawler
I too barely ever check FM 1-6, most things there tend to be overpriced. FM 7-12 with a good shop name is where it's at.
Aug 04 11
Windia Night Lord
Chanel 2
If you get there Early you can get in 4-5 by the afternoon there will be a ton of people there whos computer cant take Fm1
Chanel 1
I have the best luck w 7 you can randomly find spots there throughout the day i personly think 7 is the best its the only one where i get B/O
Then 17 because thats where all the people with mushie markets cant get in 1-6 go there if you can get in there it will be like haveing one in fm1
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