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Regular hair coupon gets only EXP hairstyles
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Aug 04 11
Broa Bishop
I'm just confirming that if I get a regular hair coupon, do I only get a chance of getting a EXP hair?
Not including VIP ? Or does it include D: ?
Aug 04 11
Scania Blade Recruit
It includes vip hairs.. thats the catch
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Aug 04 11
Broa Bishop

guess i was lucky then on my main, got the exp hair that I didn't mind getting second try.
i was aiming for evan,
but guess i'll wait for newer hairs or what not bcos new maintenance / update usually means new perm nx items or new hair or eyes D:

btw nice eyes !
Aug 04 11
Windia Assassin
good luck getting your hair then, and yeah VIP hair is included :x

If your real name is silas then you are the 2nd person i've ever come across with that name Unless you two happen to be the same person
Aug 04 11
Broa Bishop
gahh nuuu D:

Hahaha, where abouts are you from teresa? sounds familiar. probably am.
melbourne? LOL

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