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Regular hair coupon gets only EXP hairstyles

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Aug 04 11
Broa Bishop
I'm just confirming that if I get a regular hair coupon, do I only get a chance of getting a EXP hair?
Not including VIP ? Or does it include D: ?
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Aug 04 11
Scania Blade Recruit
It includes vip hairs.. thats the catch
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Aug 04 11
Broa Bishop

guess i was lucky then on my main, got the exp hair that I didn't mind getting second try.
i was aiming for evan,
but guess i'll wait for newer hairs or what not bcos new maintenance / update usually means new perm nx items or new hair or eyes D:

btw nice eyes !
Aug 04 11
Bera Blaze Wizard 4
Loner Guild
good luck getting your hair then, and yeah VIP hair is included :x

If your real name is silas then you are the 2nd person i've ever come across with that name Unless you two happen to be the same person
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Aug 04 11
Broa Bishop
gahh nuuu D:

Hahaha, where abouts are you from teresa? sounds familiar. probably am.
melbourne? LOL

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