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What are the chances of getting caught selling nx

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gloomydays Level 160 Broa Beast Tamer Cat
I see people doing this all the time in the fm, selling nx card codes for mesos like "S>10k nx card code 1:45!"

What are the chances of getting caught and perhaps banned?
Posted: August 2011 Permalink
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I think your statistics are far too high iElmo, the chance of actually getting banned for it are closer to 0.00000000000001%.
Aug 05 2011
iElmo Level 250 Bera Night Walker 4 BIackbean Guild
@DreamRuins, haha I was keeding

How about this:

Nexon on the weekends:

Chance of GMs logging on: 0%
Chance of GMs actually doing something: 0%
Chance of getting banned: 0%
Aug 05 2011

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