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Update what did you achieve on your mechanic today

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This is the newer version of the previous threads.
The older ones seem to have fallen off the face of Basil.
No flaming, no spamming please.
To start, i finally cubed to 68% total dex.
Now its your turn! Remember to keep this thread alive Basil!
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wiitunes Level 172 Mardia Phantom 4
Got to 100... my first 100...
Nov 26 2011
still day one and just touched 60.. Isn't it fun how easy it'll be to catch everyone in the top [/quote]

How do you lvl so much and so fast? DX
Place? How Long? Wtf! xD
Nov 26 2011
Killeraxon Level 166 Scania Corsair
Quit my Valkyre.. Started a mech.. now level 60 >
Yet to xfer over my zhelm! I'm quite surprised that the gameplay for mech is pretty fun! [/quote]
Ikr? And people say were boring Just wait till you're lv120 then the fun begins
Nov 26 2011
104-108 in 2 hours getting tough to level but ive been doing romeo and juliet pqs and such so its not as bad
Nov 28 2011
machoche2 Level 195 Mardia Mechanic 4
scrolled a 14 attk engine so happy
Nov 29 2011
I have achieved nothing in the past few weeks
Dec 01 2011
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