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Aug 09 11
Windia White Knight
"We are unable to connect to the login server due to a server check, a firewall block or other network issues. Please check the MapleStory homepage for ongoing server checks as well as your firewalls settings."
I keep getting this message when I load up MapleStory.

Here is what I've tried
  1. Loading it from the Website
  1. Loading it from the gamelauncher
  1. Reinstalling MS, I did this twice!

Please help me everything I've done failed!
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Aug 09 11
Yellonde Night Lord
Try taking down your firewall.
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Aug 09 11
It's up right now.
Try checking your firewall, are you at a public place (like a library or a coffee shop)?
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Aug 09 11
I had that same problem not too long ago just wait it out personally for me it said you could log in but it didnt allow me..
Aug 09 11
YEAH im getting this 2
Aug 09 11
i tend to get this message when rogers (internet provider) is sucking
Aug 10 11*
I'm getting this right now too. It was working fine before the servers got shut down and stuff a few days ago, but ever since the log in problems started, i have been getting that same darn message every time i try to play now. Are you using a 64-bit, and windows 7? It seems those users are having those most problems.
Aug 10 11
i cant even log it, its so stupid, i tried the administer thingy not working, nexon is screwing everything up.
Aug 10 11
try letting it through your firewall , add it to the list of exceptions?
Aug 11 11
how do u do that?
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