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complete mu lung and leafre card set

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well im triyng to do both of these atm and i need 3 cards still from both sets. from the leafre set i know i need ht but i cant figure out the other two(i already got manon girffey and leviathan). in mulung i know im missing the king sage cat area boss or w/e it is. so my question is does anyone know/have a link for the complete sets of leafre and mulung
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i tried doing mu long set but im missing 2 cards and i have no idea wich T_T
i did the pq already for captain boss
Aug 11 2011
weeeeeee Level 161 Bera Corsair
centipede isn't in there either :
master dummy is though
Aug 11 2011
I'm missing one in the mu lung book too. I've done Lord Pirate and every single mob/boss in mu lung
Aug 11 2011
ah, need mu gong....
Yeah, no way in hell i can kill him. I give up
Aug 11 2011
how can i kill him if im not an aran? T_T
Aug 11 2011
policom Level 153 Windia Blade Recruit
How are u supposed to kill him if ur not an aran =/?
Aug 17 2011
He's the last boss in mu lung dojo what does that have to do with arans?[/quote]

He's in the aran quest line.
Aug 17 2011
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