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Aug 11 11
KradiaEMS F/P Wizard
After not playing Maple for quite sometime I decided to reinstall it, however I can't play because a window pops up saying "The program has known compatibility issues".
I have Vista and have tried changing the compatibility but nothing works.
I use to play Maple on this same laptop without any issues at all. I resetted my laptop a few days ago if this has anything to do with it? I also play Europe maple story.
Any advice would be great Thankyou
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Aug 11 11
Bera Shadower
Doesn't it have a button that says run? -_- just press that
MapleStory Screen: Drawing of vexpwn
Aug 11 11
Mardia Luminous 4
Just click continue or whatever, kids need to stop making a big deal out of this.
MapleStory Screen: Finally a ua buccaneer <3
Aug 11 11
Chaos Mechanic 3
I get this every time I try to run maple.
I get two pop ups.
No big deal, just say run.
And maple has a vista compatibility setting, I use that even if I use Windows 7. It's always gonna pop up, so get used to it.
Aug 11 11
KradiaEMS F/P Wizard
I have clicked run. I just says Maple Story has stopped working

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