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Aug 12 11
Bera Bow Master
Ok I just found leviathan and I will share the info.

Step 1: Go to Raul the Knight in leafre.

Step 2: In the bottom left corner there is a patch of thorns, go into it.

Step 3: You'll be in a hidden street map, up top in the top right corner there is a master monster portal.

Step 4: Go into the portal.

Step 5: Kill leviathan and collect your card [YAY!]

Step 6: Pass on the info to anyone who doesn't know. I like helping people and I hope you too will pass on the word and help others.

Thanks for listening and have fun everyone
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Aug 12 11
Scania Cannoneer 4
Thanks was looking for him
Aug 12 11
Bellocan Blade Lord
He's always been spawning there. 0_o
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Aug 12 11
Bera Evan 9th Growth
just wondering. do we need ht to complete the leafre book?
Aug 12 11
Scania Hero
Wow thanks, I could never find him
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Aug 12 11
Windia Phantom 4
Never knew that O_O..... thx!
Aug 12 11
DemethosGMS Phantom 4
Now if only we can find a monster portal to pianus
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Aug 13 11
Bera Kaiser 4
You my friend, are a hero.
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Aug 15 11
Bellocan Buccaneer
Thank you so much, basil search function.
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Aug 15 11
Scania Mechanic 4
lol @ these comments
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