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How to find Leviathan

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Ok I just found leviathan and I will share the info.

Step 1: Go to Raul the Knight in leafre.

Step 2: In the bottom left corner there is a patch of thorns, go into it.

Step 3: You'll be in a hidden street map, up top in the top right corner there is a master monster portal.

Step 4: Go into the portal.

Step 5: Kill leviathan and collect your card [YAY!]

Step 6: Pass on the info to anyone who doesn't know. I like helping people and I hope you too will pass on the word and help others.

Thanks for listening and have fun everyone
Posted: August 2011 Permalink
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Thanks was looking for him
Aug 12 2011
He's always been spawning there. 0_o
Aug 12 2011
benin3 Level 144 Bera Evan 9th Growth
just wondering. do we need ht to complete the leafre book?
Aug 12 2011
TheFrikenGuy Level 201 Scania Hero
Wow thanks, I could never find him
Aug 12 2011
Never knew that O_O..... thx!
Aug 12 2011
makinmonie Level 185 Demethos Phantom 4
Now if only we can find a monster portal to pianus
Aug 12 2011
lexuslx570 Level 206 Bera Kaiser 4
You my friend, are a hero.
Aug 13 2011
one23abc Level 190 Bellocan Buccaneer
Thank you so much, basil search function.
Aug 15 2011
he's always been there lol..
Aug 15 2011
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