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How do you get more crusader coins

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How would you get enough to obtain the rank of Grand Champion?
Posted: August 2011 Permalink


ninjablack99 Level 131 Scania Wind Archer 4
Derp, it probably just takes a few days of devotion to get them. But seriously, they should've increased the amount of coins ya get with every time ya complete the quest.[/quote]

I agreed I think in GMST they gave like 5 or 10 time of the amount given.
Aug 13 2011
@ninjablack99: in the last quests(the ones so far available due to the glitch, anyways) give like 27 coins each
Aug 13 2011
um you talk to the dude with the yo-yo to do daily rewards gives the same amount but u gotta redo the boss
Aug 13 2011
silva69 Level 147 Chaos Shadower
talk to the kid of the two and he gives you quests to re kill the bosses.
you get the same amount coins as the first time around.

repeatable once a day per boss
Aug 13 2011
To those talking about the last quests:;amp;contentNo=00Cgf&pageIndex=1

5. The last 7 links in the Silent Crusade quest chain do not exist, there are only 25. However the quest UI displays 32 quests, please disregard.
Aug 13 2011
solbluefire Level 150 Broa Blade Recruit
=/ i used up all my medals and I'm only Grand Captain I think? I forget.
Too lazy to do the everyday ones right now.

Does anyone know if this Silent Crusade will end anytime soon?
Aug 13 2011
TreeFiddy Level 105 Broa Blade Lord
Well you can keep doing the hunting quests again for coins can't you? o_o
Aug 14 2011

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