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Pure gold machine engine price check

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Aug 17 11
Windia Battle Mage 3
So I bought a pure gold engine for my mech for 3mil

Is that a good price? (I'm in Elnido)
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Aug 17 11
Broa Dragon Knight
I found one on the ground in ardent like 3 minutes ago. People sell them for under a mil on Basil it seems. I think you got ripped off.
Aug 17 11
Bera Kaiser 4
Ironically, I recently sold an Iron Body Frame for 5.5mil. Not sure how I pulled that off, but I don't dispute money in my pocket.

As for your question, maybe in El Nido, but probably not elsewhere, plus you can make one with high enough Smithing anyway.
Aug 29 11
Bera Blade Recruit
I am also curious about this myself. Im in Bera and I have two engines, one with 5 att and one with 4. Also have 2 pure gold machine arms, and not sure how much these are going for and they are taking up space
Aug 31 11
Windia Mechanic 4
i found a bunch of them in MDTS and im trying to sell them for 199k and no one is buying them.
i think u got ripped.
Sep 01 11
ElNido Mechanic 4
Depends on the amount of attack it has. Avg is 5 attk I believe, so those are hardly worth anything. (People find them all the time and even drop them.) If it's scrolled for higher attk, then it might be worth 3 mil.
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Sep 02 11
Galicia Mechanic 4
mines 6 att engine, and i bought it 200k
Sep 02 11
Khaini Mechanic 2
I got one for 300k, mech parts shouldn't run over 1 mil (especially pure gold parts because you can craft them)
Sep 02 11
Scania Mechanic 3
You can find them pretty cheap in FM and stuff
Sep 02 11
Scania Mechanic 3
I think that's pretty good.
Maybe try to sell it for 4MIL or as high as you can because the other posts make it seem like it's not worth much.

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