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Why did empress cygnus turn evil

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Aug 19 11
I'm watching youtube videos and I saw one about GMST (Global Maplestory Tespia) Where you have to fight empress cygnus in the future... I guess she had turned evil. Anyone know why she turned evil? If you do please tell me. Thank you
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Aug 19 11
She might have had an overdose on pixie dust
Aug 19 11
She found out Neinheart was a guy.
Aug 19 11
Because she wanted to look more sexy by wearing evil clothes

OT: When there was the war with the resistance vs black wings, the commander of the resistance asked the cygnus knights for help, when they were in battle, the cygnus knights were weak at the time and the empress ran away. Feeling guilty, she admits her shame to the Cygnus knight character you created, and then she doesn't know what to do, then the resistance falls, then the cygnus knights fall, the the above line i wrote happened.

Correct me if I'm wrong.
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Aug 19 11*
Bera Beginner
LOL she isnt. the black mage made a dream which its all fake, not even henesys ruins are real. its just the black mages dream making you think shes evil.
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Aug 19 11*
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Aug 19 11
Its something about Cygnus going to the world tree with her five knights. When they walk to the world tree; it was actually Black mage's trap with made her evil.
I remembering reading this somewhere.
Aug 19 11
She went emo
OT:What KHRoxas said.
Aug 19 11
Scania Blade Master
It all starts with searching the "World Tree". Empress Cygnus and her Knights found it, but there was a curse on the tree from the Black Magician/Mage, controlling them.

Cygnus Falls A Tale of Chaos
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Aug 19 11
Windia I/L Arch Mage
she was ashamed that cygs were such a failure when it came to anything, they werent able to boss so of course they were useless in the wars against the black mage, so she searched for the world Tree where the Black mage catches her and does what MechRules said LOL
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