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How Did You Get Phantom Blow

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Aug 27 11
Broa Kanna 4
Just wondering. (: I don't have a DB, but I plan on getting it for my friend when he transfers over to Broa, since he's too lazy to do Zak prequests & he can only carry up to 1m with him. How did you obtain Phantom Blow? Did you buy it or did you go on a Zrun for it?
I'm hesitant to buying PB10 from the FM because I don't want to use 100m & the provide SoK, or SoK it twice ... but I've been on 9 Zruns so far just dedicated to finding PB10 & no luck so far. ):
What do you recommend? Thanks! (:
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Aug 27 11
Scania Blade Recruit
just like you i went on many runs and payed for some runs to try to get it, but of course it didn't drop. I gave up so in the end I saved all my money and bought it. -.-
Aug 27 11
ElNido Blade Recruit
I'm not at that level yet, so I can't say how I got it or even plan to get it. But, it's all a matter of your situation. If you can get into zruns, no point in buying it, just be patient. If you really don't, you're too low, and people make fun of your (his) range, then maybe merchanting up some funds for it is the best way to go. There's other variables of course, but these seem to be the typical.

Slightly off topic, but please slap him in the giggle berries and tell him to do the pre-req's. They aren't that hard or even that annoying.
Aug 27 11
Bellocan Blade Lord
my friend sold it to me for 10 mil
Aug 27 11
Broa Night Walker 3
I SWEAR I SEE YOU EVERYWHERE. And anyway, I would hunt zak for it. It takes time, but it's worth it. IF you get it, your friend should get you an SoK to make it tradeable. Or have your friend loot at zak. Buying the book at fm for like 150m is like a last resort, or if you're desperate.
Aug 27 11
Mardia Magician
I picked up a FC and a PB on a run I went on.
My friend gifted me karmas and I gave them to him.
Aug 27 11
Bera Blade Recruit
I zakked, and after 4 runs i finally got it -_-

I was so mad though, I had CoH pre-bb and it didn't get switched over.
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Aug 27 11
Scania Blade Master
i bought it stupidly at fm for 200mil...

regret it now
Aug 27 11
Windia Night Lord
zakum run u can get it free ;D
Aug 27 11
Chaos Blade Master
PhB, I got THAT.

You know how?

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