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Where to Find Certain Ores

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Hello! I'm currently doing the "In Search of the Book of Ancient" questline and have just reached the part where i need two of each crystal. So my question is this: what should i be mining (like heartstone, etc.) to get the power crystal ore, wisdom crystal ore, dex crystal ore, and luk crystal ore. Thanks so much, have a great day!
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I think mining gives them... No idea though. My mining mule is still low leveled.
Aug 27 2011
I beleive Emerald Veins yield DEX Crystal ores. Not sure about the rest though.
Aug 27 2011
Ludi Tower is probably one of the best places to mine.
Aug 27 2011
WandMcStaff Level 47 Galicia Page
LUK and Wisdom ores come from the purple rocks (They also give lidium) It is located in monster maps of x8 and x9 (x = 3 to 9)
DEX ores come from emerald veins, which you can find in monster maps x5 and x6 (They also drop mithril and emerald ores)
STR ores come from the red rocks, which you can find in monster maps x7 (They also drop garnet ores)
Dark crystal ores come from the black rocks, which you can find in monster maps x8 and x9 (They also drop black crystal ores)

All of these require mining.
Good day~
Aug 27 2011
Thanks all for helping
Aug 27 2011

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