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Email address as login ID

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Hi Basil. When did Nexon implement the system to use email addresses as your login IDs? Isn't it less safe this way? Can I change it to a normal ID?

Posted: August 2011 Permalink


Sorry. I forgot to include that this is for new users.
Aug 30 2011
um a NEW users ID is his email address.. no more 2 ID crap goin on
Aug 30 2011
averby Level 163 Windia Beast Tamer Cat
I think they changed it a while after they changed the website. I like it because i forgot my normal id, but you can use both.
Aug 30 2011
So is it possible to make a "normal" ID and use that instead of your email?

Thanks for the replies.
Aug 30 2011
jimjam Level 154 Windia Bow Master
You can still login via gamelauncher with a email as ID.
Aug 30 2011
WiizDynasty Level 200 Kradia Evan 10th Growth
Try Acount settings then, not sure That's kinda stupid using your email address, but in that MTS leak I heard they can only find your ID not your email address? So it might have saved you there
Aug 30 2011

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