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Spirit of Rock glitched

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I did all the pre-quests, went to kill the Spirit of Rock.. and he's not there! Is it glitched, or...? I want my dumb card
Posted: September


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I did the same. haven't been able to find him :[
Segumisamasegumisama - Level 163
Sep 01 2011
he spawns eventually
RitalionCyndagrill - Level 154
Sep 01 2011
Nope, at first i thought so to, but i went at the most off hours and found him in many channels lol
was like 5am est time
Sep 01 2011
He has a spawn time apparently, or a certain spawn rate.
45642156SpearOfCows - Level 164
Sep 01 2011
And the prequests aren't necessary to kill him ...
Just keep going in and out and changing channels.
mageshieldUitimateCb11 - Level 200
Sep 01 2011
It has a spawn rate just like every other boss. Someone probably just killed him.
Quickjumper7Quickjumper7 - Level 151
Sep 01 2011
Oh.. I figured he automatically spawned, didn't think it was a Boss like Anego or w/e Thx!
Sep 01 2011
i know.

same for asteroth card right?

it doen'st DROP![/quote]

There is no card for Astaroth or the demons.
OrionTempestOrionTempest - Level 137 Heavy Gunner
Sep 01 2011
he has a timed spawn. the only way to forcibly spawn it is use the vip ticket quest way
Sep 01 2011
He has a spawn timer. He is a boss after all. Just CC and you'll find him.
Sep 01 2011
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