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Spirit of Rock glitched

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I did all the pre-quests, went to kill the Spirit of Rock.. and he's not there! Is it glitched, or...? I want my dumb card
Posted: September 2011 Permalink
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Segumisama Level 163 Bera I/L Arch Mage
I did the same. haven't been able to find him :[
Sep 01 2011
Ritalion Level 154 Nova Phantom 4
he spawns eventually
Sep 01 2011
Nope, at first i thought so to, but i went at the most off hours and found him in many channels lol
was like 5am est time
Sep 01 2011
45642156 Level 124 Bera Bishop
He has a spawn time apparently, or a certain spawn rate.
Sep 01 2011
mageshield Level 205 Windia Night Lord
And the prequests aren't necessary to kill him ...
Just keep going in and out and changing channels.
Sep 01 2011
Quickjumper7 Level 151 Windia I/L Arch Mage
It has a spawn rate just like every other boss. Someone probably just killed him.
Sep 01 2011
Oh.. I figured he automatically spawned, didn't think it was a Boss like Anego or w/e Thx!
Sep 01 2011
OrionTempest Level 213 Broa I/L Arch Mage
i know.

same for asteroth card right?

it doen'st DROP![/quote]

There is no card for Astaroth or the demons.
Sep 01 2011
he has a timed spawn. the only way to forcibly spawn it is use the vip ticket quest way
Sep 01 2011
He has a spawn timer. He is a boss after all. Just CC and you'll find him.
Sep 01 2011
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