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Sep 02 11
Broa Battle Mage 1
There is a update called the jump update coming in a few months, new skills and many new features have been added. LHC will be nerfed, Less exp less hp. Dont worry! Monster park is here! For levels 13 - 200, Go to monster park for great training! Why is this so special you ask? Well heres why.....

  1. You can go in the monster park with a party, and for each party member theres a 50%+ Bonus!

  1. There are coins that the monster drops, that you can spend on great things including a mount, say good bye to boats because you can travel to different continent with the mount!

  1. 2 Quests per day - each one rewards 5 coins!

Well thats pretty much it.
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Sep 02 11
Chaos Evan 7th Growth
Sep 02 11
Broa Aran 4
wow looks nice! i just hope some sheriff or even mr basil posts more info about it.
thanks anyway, hope its true.
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Sep 02 11
Windia Dark Knight
how is it for levels 13-200? Do they have different areas for every x amount of levels?
Sep 03 11
Broa Battle Mage 1
Sep 11 11
Bera Battle Mage 4
Why lvl 13?
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Sep 11 11
Bera Gunslinger
Sep 11 11
Bellocan Hero
All the stuff you can buy with the coins are temporary, so not worth it...
Sep 11 11
Arcania Night Lord
you know nexon, they might make some changes which includes NX
Sep 11 11
KradiaGMS Ranger

OMg spingleman and van leon were freinds? I gave him 99k nx and he threw me under a bus jerk
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