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Additional Pendant Slot

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So what's up with that?

Basically it gives an extra slot for another pendant am I right? So I can wear 2 horntail necklaces? ?

I'm confused? Is it perm?
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30-day, not perm. But yeah that's what it does.
Sep 02 2011
ibeupinkradia Level 151 Kradia Phantom 4
You could wear a chtp and a htp.
Sep 02 2011
again...nexon makes people who have nx stronger than non nx users....
Sep 02 2011
Rann Level 202 Mardia Hero
I wish my base dex is at 25 now
Double pendent? What next? double cape double helmet? Or better yet, double gloves
Sep 02 2011
yes you can.
I saw a screen shot of someone in KMS with 2 CHTP's.[/quote]

CHTP is a one of a kind item iirc you probably saw a HTP and a CHTP
Sep 02 2011
ExcaliburRED Level 102 Scania Blaze Wizard 3
Kids, be patience and wait for the perm. ;D
Sep 02 2011
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