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Can you Zak with offline mules

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Blueshine Level 163 Broa Buccaneer
Basically, I want to know if my friends and I can go to Zak with some offline mules (like lvl 30 & under) in the expedition.
Does every member need to be online? Is there a lvl limit for joining the expedition? (not actually entering the Zak room).

note: Only 3-4 of us are actually entering, the other chars are mules to fill the needed amount of people.
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iGGDeep Level 140 Windia Paladin
All people in the expedition need to have the quests done so lvl 50+ and no you don't need to be online, I've gone on many 3 man zak runs with having 2 people offline, 5 people needed in total expedition to start. Remember, all need to have quests done!
Sep 02 2011
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lilseventeen Level 165 Broa Shadower
They don't have to have done the prequests, I think they have to be 50+, don't know if they have to be online though.

Gosh I should try this.
Sep 02 2011
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No they don't. I invite 5 of my 135+ characters into an expedition. You do however need the quests done I think. If not, definitely over 50.[/quote]

You don't need quests done. I always add the henehoars that I know, which probably never stepped foot in Elnath.
Sep 02 2011
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omg i do this like everyday to lv my charm up and since i have to 2 comp i just add 4 of my mule lv50+ and i went in by myself.
they dont have to be online and dont need to do the prequest just need to be lv50+ and have to be 5 ppl in pt
Sep 02 2011
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YankMyDoodle Level 139 Zenith Paladin
Do the mules need to be 50+ 100%?

Thanks for all the replies everyone.[/quote]
Well in the expedition tab, it clearly says 50-200.
Sep 02 2011
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