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MapleStory not full-screen. HELP ME

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Hello Basil-ers,

Could you guy help me please? My MapleStory isn't like... fully full-screen.
When I press ALT + Enter there are 2 black stripes on the sides...
Kinda like this.

And yes.. I've tried changing the resolution from 800x600 to 1024x768

Acer M3802
Nvidia GeForce G210
Monitor : Samsung SyncMaster 2433 500000:1
Posted: September 2011 Permalink
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lol i actually like it small it has a nicer picture, i havnt gone full screen for about 2 years

edit: i was making ur question null and void by saying u dont have to make it full screen -0-. @>games: <---this..idk y u didnt think of it
Sep 03 2011
Games Level 87 Mardia Hunter
@above's he didn't ask your opinions he asked how to get it fullscreen -.-
OT: I think what I remember doing was changing the rez to the default maple size, opening maple than changing it back to normal.
Sep 03 2011
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Hookydi Level 100 Khaini F/P Mage
That's what windows 7 does. Maplestory does not have a widescreen resolution. If it were to fill up the whole screen, then everything would become fat (which is what happens for Vista and every older operating system).[/quote]

I have windows 7 and mine works perfectly fine. Go to the maplestory folder and click on setup. That might fix it, if it doesn't work, try changing the resolution. If that doesn't work, then idk. D:
Sep 03 2011
andynaguyen Level 168 Windia Shadower
Mine used to be full screen, and I unintentionally changed it when fulling around with a dual monitor set up. I dont know how to change it back, but I kinda like it this way
Sep 04 2011

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