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Where to get Shark Tooth Set

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Yep, you'll get rocked, just saying
Sep 08 2011
SugarCubes Level 140 Windia Shade 4
You need to be lv 140+ to go into the Temple of Time in Leafre, then be 160+ to go to Destroyed Henesys, then be 170+ to do the Cygnus PQ, and kill her (and her underlings) to get Shark Tooth equips. The boss is 190 and her summons are 188. Oh, and she can cancel your equip potentials.[/quote]
Oh thankss
Sep 08 2011
aaronthecow Level 141 Bera Blade Recruit
@Torq: 140 set is so baller,I intend to earn mine
Sep 08 2011
xkairyushin Level 172 Windia Night Lord
@BrayGlob: lol windia has legit players? no it doesnt
Sep 08 2011
MrEmporer Level 127 Scania Night Lord
The lv140 cape recipes drop from the Cygnus Knight summons. Dawn, Wind, etc.
Sep 08 2011

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